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Self-contained battery and brake activation system.

Projecta has released the ‘Sure Brake’ trailer breakaway kit that is designed to apply the electric trailer brakes in the event of a towing disconnection emergency.

A requirement in all Australian states is that trailers exceeding 2000kg gross trailer mass, must be fitted with a breakaway system. The system must be designed so that in the event of the trailer disconnecting while towing, it will activate the trailer’s electric brakes and bring it to a stop.

The TBS700 Sure Brake case contains a 12V/7Ah battery and charger, and can be installed out of view, leaving only the plunger, lanyard and carabiner visible.

The battery case can be hard wired to the house battery of a caravan, or connected to the tow vehicle’s alternator via a trailer plug, or charged via its terminal posts that can be connected to a remote battery charger, or solar panel charger.

A test button allows easy checking of battery status and there is a remote-monitoring output wire that allows the driver to monitor battery status from the towing vehicle cabin.

Inside the Sure Brake case are a fused battery connection and potted circuitry with over-voltage, over-current and short-circuit protection. For ease of installation the unit is pre-wired, has colour-coded inputs and outputs and comes with mounting screws.

Smaller breakaway solutions are available, but many of these systems rely on an external power source: usually the caravan house battery or boat battery, in the case of a boat trailer. If these source batteries aren’t sufficiently charged, users run the risk of these breakaway systems failing in an emergency.

Projecta’s Sure Brake trailer breakaway Kit is available from leading automotive, caravan, camping and transport outlets, nationwide, for approximately $320.




























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