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DIY jobs on your 4WD, camper trailer, boat trailer, caravan or camping gear.

Beware the DIY aircon re-gas

So, your air conditioner doesn’t feel as cold as it used to and you’ve heard about DIY re-gas kits that are available through accessories supermarkets and on-line. Can we suggest you read this article first!

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DIY wiring issues

Many DIY 12-volt systems fail because of inadequate wire sizing, poor quality connections and inadequate fusing and earthing.

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Flooding issues with vans and campers

We received an email from one of our OTA contributors, who has suffered flooding in his van, caused by a burst connection between the mains inlet and the pressure reducing valve. Here’s how to avoid that, followed by a drying-out procedure.

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Toyota 70 Series seat swap

The standard front seats in all Toyota 70 Series base models are awful, flat-cushion horrors that offer no support. They’re supposed seat three, but whoever scores the centre perch has a lap-only belt and sits right in front of the projecting gear lever. No wonder most owners want to swap them for something better.

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StyroMAX DIY motorhome bodies

If you’ve priced a built-up motorhome recently, you’re possibly still recovering from the shock.  We’re not suggesting for a moment that the pricing isn’t justified in producing a skill and labour intensive end result, but there are quite a few of us capable of a DIY job.

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Installing a diesel camper heater

Chinese-made camper heaters are shameless copies of European-designed units and they’re available at a fraction of the price. Our test unit cost $340, rather than around five times that for the genuine article. Performance so far is excellent.

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How to fit a snorkel

We’ve fitted a snorkel before, so we didn’t find the job too daunting this time. The job involved picking up a snorkel from an Opposite Lock store and attaching it to our Project 75 Series ute.

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