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Essential tips, tricks, basics, mapping and more.

Travel and Study – a guide to doing both

Many people seem to think travelling is a luxury reserved for later in life when you have no commitments: academic, professional, familial, or otherwise. For a student, the thought of travelling seems particularly daunting as you’re likely in a constant state of catch-up with assignments and exams while living on a tight budget.

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Understanding topographic mapping

If you intend to stray from the thick lines that connect major points of civilisation on road maps onto the thin or even the dotted ones, you need to understand the basics of topographic map reading – whether your ‘topos’ are on paper or on a GPS screen.

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Satellite phone

We bought our satellite telephone years ago and wouldn’t leave home without it; a couple of vehicle breakdowns and medical emergencies during our travels in Australia’s Outback and the satellite telephone has more than paid for itself.

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Navigation made easy

Knowing where you are at any time is vital for safe bush travel and today it’s easier than ever before to pinpoint your position with great accuracy.

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Absolute basics

We all learn as we go along, but there are some absolute basics you need to know before you venture out of your driveway.

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10 mistakes you shouldn’t make

The OTA Team has been travelling Outback for many years, in different vehicles and with varying camping arrangements. Here is a list of common mistakes novice 4WDers make.

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Useful knots

We always carry some rope with us and it’s handy to know a few knots, so you can use the rope to maximum effect.

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How to Pack

Most first-timers take too much ‘stuff’ away with them, so every campsite is a potential drama scene, where piles of gear are unloaded and then have to be forced back in again.

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