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We look at your options for carrying vital liquids and hardware: fuel and water tanks, racks and drawer units.

Roof Racks

If the freight won’t fit inside it has to stay at home or go on top, but it’s vital you know how much is too much.

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Lightweight drawers

We all know that weight is the enemy when you’re packing your 4WD or camper. Here’s one way of reducing weight while providing a great storage solution.

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Safeguard cargo nets

Safeguard Cargo Net was Australia’s first load rated cargo restraint net and is used by governments, resource and utility companies, tradespeople and 4WDers.

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Boat Carrying Options

We all love it when the boat slides into the water and we clamber on board for a day’s fun. Trouble is, you have to get the boat to that idyllic spot first…

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Long Range Fuel Tanks

Very few 4WDs leave the factory with sufficient fuel tank capacity for extended Outback trips. Unless you have 140-litre diesel tank capacity you won’t have sufficient fuel for long bush trips.

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Storage Drawer Units

It’s easy enough to jam everything you need for a 4WD trip into the back of your wagon, but it’s not so easy getting something you need out of the jumble – shelves or a set of cargo drawers are the answer.

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Water Storage

Regardless of how you carry water in your vehicle or trailer it’s important that you have sufficient and that it’s stored in several independent containers. Don’t put all your water into one tank.

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