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Off Track Wines

Off Track Wines is a new wine brand and the first in Australia to be created specifically with outdoor adventurers in mind. We checked out the new range and found it very much to our taste.

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Book Review – The Small Kitchen Cook

The clue for the purpose of this book is in the title that aims it at compact, not necessarily camping, kitchens. It also extols the undoubted virtues of home-made, lovingly prepared meals and that’s not always possible when camping – especially remote-area camping.

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Portable Fridge Options

Portable fridges and coolers look much the same from the outside – they’re all insulated boxes with lids – but there are significant differences in the way they work and the type of energy they use. It’s necessary to know something about the ebbs and flows of the cooling business if you want to be sure of buying the right unit for your needs.

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Powered fridge slide

Clearview has released the world’s first patented aluminium powered fridge slide that has been developed and tested over three years. It’s available in four sizes – S, M, L and XXL.

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 Nanopresso for great coffee in the bush

We’ve checked out many different coffee makers over the years, but the best manual-pressure one we’ve used so far is the Nanopresso kit. With available accessories it can produce a single or double-shot ground-coffee or a single-shot Nespresso capsule coffee.

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ARB’s roll-out kitchen module

‘Packing everything but the kitchen sink’ was once regarded as poking fun at those who overpack, but with ARB’s latest release, it’s part of the normal camping package.

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Sea to Summit cookware and ‘crockery’

Space is always at a premium when it comes to loading your vehicle or camper. Pots and bowls that fit inside each other used to be as good as it got, but now there are collapsible pots, pans and ‘crockery’.

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Icebox test

Not everyone has a portable fridge and those who do sometimes need additional cooler capacity. That’s why the portable icebox still has a place. We tested six of them in summer heat.

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Coleman Pack-Away Kitchen

The Coleman Pack-Away Kitchen disappears into a compact case. The sides of the case open out to form the serving table top. The stove stand opens on one side of the table top and a slip-on cooking tool frame clicks in place to hold tongs, spoons and the like.

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Happy Camper Gourmet packed food

We’ve taste-tested the range of Happy Camper Gourmet pre-cooked meals and we don’t go anywhere without some of them in our food boxes. If our fridge packs up we won’t starve.

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Espresso Coffee for campers

We love our morning coffee and for years we struggled to find the best way to have espresso quality coffee in the bush. With our new Handpressos we’ve found it.

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Camping Menu Planning

Portable refrigeration has changed the camping menu, for the better! There is no reason why meals served at home can’t be enjoyed when you’re camping too. With a bit of careful planning, you can even enjoy a cold beer or glass of wine at the end of the day.

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Coleman Instastart AL-3 Cooker

The stove is a clever design, the two round burners are separated by a rectangular burner and with all three alight and the griddle on top there’s even heat over the entire plate.

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Staying healthy in the Outback

One of the greatest health risks in the bush is illness caused by poor hygiene. We have a camp rule that we never touch food or eating utensils without washing our hands.

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Quarantine Laws  Australia

Quarantine Laws Australia

Before you start filling your food containers for your next trip, you should be aware of what you can and cannot take across State borders and into special exclusion zones.

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