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  •  Hi Allan, thanks for your good (no fibs) work over the years. I’ve recently become an OTA supporter! Peter S, QLD.
  • What a great resource! Anyone going west of Dubbo should check this out. Thank you for your many helpful suggestions and links – Rob O, Wheeler Heights, NSW.
  • I like your site. Lots of info. I’m new in the country and just bought a Troopy. – Martijn, Petersham, NSW.
  • I love your site !!! It has reviews on utes and 4WDs that other sites don’t. Trying to find another site with honest tests off road is almost impossible. Thank you and keep up the good work – Gary B, Andrews Farm, SA.
  • I remember enjoying reading your articles on the L300/Express 4WD vans years ago with Dad – Steve K, Katherine, NT.
  • Your advice is really appreciated – Karen T, Coolum Beach, Qld
  • I needed your help to find contacts for 4WD driver training in our area – Silvia B, Yass, NSW.
  • Your thoughts are greatly valued – Leo W, Taringa, Qld.
  • Like your website. – Rod M, Freeling, SA.
  • Great site and I really appreciate the in-depth reviews. – Graham B, NZ.
  • Thanks for your help, regards – Karl O.
  • After watching your recent review we would like your permission to display the video review on our site – Simon G, WA.
  • Hiya! I have just been reading your comment on “The Faster You Go the Less You See” on your web site. It was well written and had information most people do not consider when driving this vast land of ours. I ask your permission to allow a re post of that particular article in our 4WD club magazine – Graeme C.
  • I have an Australian travel website and in my safety section, linked your website article on safe winching as it was the best I had seen – Judy M (Motherhen).
  • Thanks Allan for another no-bullshit review. Love your style of reporting and please don’t stop! – Steve L, NSW.
  • Cheers and congratulations on a great website – Graham W, Vic.
  • I am writing to ask if we may use articles from this site to post in our Club magazine – Ian B, Range Rover Club, Qld.
  • Fantastic article and video on the Unimog, Allan – Ben N, Unimog Central.
  • Hi Allan, I just wanted to say that you have a fantastic web site and you cover a very wide range of areas in this field – Vaceslav S, NSW.
  • Nicely laid-out website – best regards, Tim B
  • Hi Allan. Just read through your informative article on driving light types. Great job and some excellent info available on the site! – Russell O.
  • Totally agree with your article on run-flat or space-saver spares. We have a Tiguan and live down about four kilometres of graded gravel road. We put a stone through the tread and thankfully were at home. So I changed to the space saver – but, no towing and limited to 80kmh! So I had to drive down to Nowra at 80km/h in a 100km/h zone, with the trucks wondering what the hell I was doing. Should be a Design Rule in Australia! Good article – well done! – Ralph R, NSW.
  • Hi, this is a great website and I was a keen follower of Allan’s segments on the ‘Weekender’ radio program – Michael M.
  • Alan, I’ve followed your work over many years since your bus days and always found your comments to be very sensible – Peter S. QLD.
  • G’day! Loving the website, keep up the good work! – Glenn W, Vic.
  • Hello Allan, first of all, thank you for a very informative website, I have also followed with interest your various columns for many years. – Brian S.
  • Hi Allan. This site continues to be an outstanding source of relevant information – Mark A.
  • Dear Allan, You must be old, I recall an Allan Whiting who used to write for a bus/truck magazine and various 4WD mags back in the day. Your comments always made sense and seemed more technical than journalistic, always a good thing – Peter P.
  • I access your site regularly to read your excellent 4WD reviews – Frank Z.
  • We love your ideas and advice regarding possible itineraries for our travels – Shirley L.
  • I like taking advantage of your long-accrued wisdom/experience – Ralph J, Vic.
  • Dear Allan, I want to congratulate and thank you on your amazing website – Jorge M, UAE
  • I enjoy looking through your site – Ken H
  • I stumbled across your website a few days ago. I have seen many car/softies/4WD videos from the US, but to see the Australian bush/roads/cars etc is much more relevant. A great website. Keep up the good work – Barry B
  • G’day all. Stumbled across your website recently and would like to thank you for the valuable info that you provide. I have passion for the bush and 4wding, having grown up in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains. I have a 4.2TDi Patrol ute with slide-on camper – Neil D
  • Allan, just wanted to say your test on the Hyundai Santa Fe was spot on. I didn’t even consider the Hyundai until I saw your towing test. So off to the dealer I went for a test drive. Wow! I am the proud owner of a white Elite with upgraded towing pack. Does the job that I require and more. Good work mate – Trevor B
  • I’d just like to say thanks for the website and say how much valuable info and insight I’ve found here. I saw your video review of the MU-X and it played a large part in my decision to acquire one – Ern R
  • Allan: could you please advise your email address, so that we can forward technical articles that you may wish to use – Colin Young (Caravan Council.)
  • Hi Allan. Many thanks for the website information that is so relevant to keen four wheel drivers. I am a past president of the Southern Tablelands 4WD Club (ST4WDC) based in Canberra. We publish a monthly magazine, Southern Trails, to our members and others in the community. I am seeking your permission to re-publish your web articles in our magazine for the benefit of our members. If allowed, this would be with the appropriate citation of the source being your website and reproduced with permission – Greg Taylor.
  • Hi there. I’ve really appreciated your site and its great info – Matt C.
  • Hi Allan. Would you mind if we linked to your review of the Lightforce LED215 and displayed the content and video on our sites: www.gympie4wdspares.com.au and www.ez4x4.com.au We would of course fully reference you as the author – Brandy M.
  • Hi there! Great website and reviews! – Dale B
  • Thanking you so much! Glad I found you could answer so many questions. Your Solar Power article really shed some light on the difficulties I’m facing. – Jed K
  • G’day folks. Found your site while researching a suitable 4WD to replace my existing one. In the time that I have been reading articles on your site I have been impressed with the content and currency of the information provided. – Steve O.
  • Hi Allan. I just stumbled on this website and was happy to have found it. – Matthew C.
  • Hello Outback Travel Australia. I am a big fan of your website and Allan’s most informative reviews and 4WD advice. I will need to purchase a new vehicle in just over a year’s time and have been enthusiastically watching your reviews. – Ben D
  • G’day. I came across your website through Jol Fleming. It is excellent! Well done – Brett T
  • Hi Allan. We just had a look at your web site which is jam-packed with info for the 4wdriver – Robin and Nola, Rooftop Maps, Vic
  • Eagerly waiting for your Subaru Outback test report before I go to the showroom. – Tony C
  • G’day. Awesome website! I’m afraid I’ve never visited Australia, but I’d like to. I’m from Washington State USA. – Jason Carrp
  • Hello Allan. I’m the Editor of the Mt Gambier 4WD Club in South Australia. I was hoping to get permission to add some of your content in our monthly newsletter – Donna P.
  • Hello. I am a student of human development at the University of New South Wales. I am currently undertaking a research project on human relationships with the diprotodon in Australia. I was particularly taken by your article ‘Fossil hunting at Lake Callabonna’. Thank you so much for a great article! – Alexis Farr
  • At last, a real explanation of tow ball weight theory – Gordon H
  • Hi Allan. I am Vice President of the Idlers 4 Wheel Drive Club. I understand that you are willing to speak at our September meeting. We would be delighted to have you as our guest – Graeme M. (We went there and had a great time, discussing all things 4WD.)
  • Towball weight and trailer stability. A great article for science against myth – Pierre H (Yes.)
  • The AWDC of Sydney is a club of about 250 members. We ask if you are interested or available to be a guest speaker at a club meeting in Forestville, Sydney – Harold Z. (We went and had a great time.)
  • Dear Outback Travel Australia, I am emailing from the BBC and we would like to use some of your footage ‘Australian Snakes – Brown Tree Snake’ featured on your You-Tube channel. (No problem!)
  • Excellent State of Oz blog – too bad more people don’t see it – Tim B
  • Please set me up for newsletters. Was a member on my work email address, but no longer work there. Thank you! – Noel U
  • I just wanted to say you guys do a great job on your 4WD reviews and videos. I love reading and watching your new bits and pieces as they pop up. Just wanted to say I bought a Foton Tunland after reading and watching your review and I’ve had it for a year now. It’s lifted for mild off-roading and I’ve done 40,000km with no major issues to report. Thanks again for doing a great job. – Paul S
  • Hello Allan. I enjoyed your ute comparison article, especially as it relates to axle and nett carrying capacity. Keep up the good work and all the best to you, family and crew – Brian S
  • Hello Allan. Thanks for your detailed reviews of the 4WDs you drive. They are very honest, factual and easy to follow – Darren E
  • Hubby recently ordered some pegs off your site, so I have been exploring the website this morning. IT IS THE BEST INFO SITE I HAVE COME ACROSS. So a huge pat on the back to everyone involved. – Caron M
  • Love your website and keep up the good work for us novices – Mike S.
  • Hi Allan, I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your testing – Peter L

Established in 2009, the Outback Travel Australia is owned and operated by Allan Whiting , with a great deal of assistance from the dedicated Outback Travel Australia team. Allan’s career as a journalist spans many years; he considers himself fortunate to have been able to follow his passion for writing about trucks, sailing boats, four wheel drives and travel.

Outback Travel Australia has become an invaluable resource tool for many of our visitors, delivering the latest news and information to the 4WD Touring, Camping and Outdoor Recreation Communities. We offer personalised question and answer advice and a huge amount of information for those interested in touring this amazing country, Australia. Many others have attempted to emulate Allan’s success by re-arranging the words ‘Outback Travel Australia’ – while changing the words around fools some, there is only one Allan Whiting. 

We provide fair and unbiased test reports on the latest 4WD makes and models for recreation or work. Our comprehensive 4WD Buyers Guide has reports on new and earlier model vehicles. We offer information and advice on tyre replacement, modifying 4WDs, fitting aftermarket equipment, camper trailers and camping equipment, off-road driving tips, vehicle recovery, towing and much, much more.

Integrity and honesty are key in all the reviews on our website so that you, as a visitor to our website can be confident that you are reading unbiased and informed editorial at all times. Our editorial is based on experienced testing and extensive research; we don’t publish advertorial.  

Reward for our effort comes in the form of satisfaction, knowing that we help others every single day in sharing the knowledge of years of learning and experience.

We hope that you’ll become a regular visitor to this website and join thousands of people who are already enjoying the benefits of the free information provided by the Outback Travel Australia Team.












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