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Extracting more power and torque, engine swaps, rebuilds and fuel issues are all covered.

Upgrading your cooling system fan

Many new 4WDs have electric cooling system fans, but nearly all older-generation 4WDs are fitted with thermal clutch cooling system fans. These are not everlasting items, so will need periodic maintenance or replacement.

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Ryco catch can award

RYCO Filters was recognised again as one of the Australia’s most innovative companies in the latest instalment of the Australian Financial Review’s (AFR) BOSS Magazine awards.

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Air cleaner hygiene and mods

Correctly designed and fitted engine air intake filters ensure the cleanest possible air flows into the engine. It is imperative that this charge air has the least amount of particles possible. Contamination can cause increased engine wear, a reduction in engine performance and vehicle downtime. 

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DPF cleaning Dos and Don’ts

A diesel particulate filter (DPF) is part of a diesel 4WD’s exhaust system. We all know about DPF regeneration cycles, but what’s not widely understood is that deeper cleaning is periodically necessary for all DPFs.

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Air filter kit for the LandCruiser 200 Series

The Donaldson PowerCore 4×4 Air Cleaner Housing plus Filter Kit for diesel Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series engines is said to deliver quality, reliable filtration, with three times more effective filtration area than the OEM panel filter. 

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Refurbishing the Older Diesel Engine

Older diesel powered 4WDs have a great deal of appeal for serious bush travellers. Pre-emissions engines have no electronics, no computers and no exhaust emissions after-treatment components.

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Performance Modifications

There are two approaches to improving 4WD engine performance: ‘hotting up’ the existing engine or repowering the vehicle. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages

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The good oil

We’ve been asked many times what’s the best oil type to run in new and older model 4WDs and it’s not easy to come up with a straightforward answer. First, here’s some background into all the confusing acronyms that surround the oil business.

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This device alters accelerator response without touching fuel injection computer ‘mapping’.

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Portal axle kits

Portal hubs feature on many high ground clearance military-type machines, including the Mercedes-Benz Unimog. You can have these fitted to your LandCruiser ute, but they’re not cheap.

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Dana axle for 70 series

This Dana 60 axle variant is the solution to the Toyota 70 Series’ narrow-rear-axle-track problem, as well as a way to increase rear axle load capacity.

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No Magic Wand to Improve Fuel Economy

The USA’s Environment Protection Agency (EPA) concluded a series of scientific tests on a wide variety of devices and additives that are claimed to improve fuel economy. Of the hundreds tested, very few actually reduced fuel consumption.

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Redback Exhaust Systems

In 2012 the Redback Extreme Duty project began, with the goal of making the toughest bolt-on 4WD exhaust systems available anywhere in Australia. After having a post-2015 system installed on one of the OTA Team vehicles, we reckon the project has been a success.

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