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Tents, swags, pegs and hardware.

Buy BOAB camping gear on-line

Leading Australian adventure gear brand, BOAB, launched a new website in late-2023, offering customers an expanded product range, easy navigation, informative blog articles and the ability to purchase directly on-line.

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Oztent RS-2 Double Swag 

Acclaimed as a ‘first of its kind’ by the judges when it was awarded an international Good Design Award in September 2022, the Oztent RS-2 Double Swag is really a small tent with an integrated bed.

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Oztent Air Tents

The Oztent Group released two Air Tents – Oztent Air Tent 6 and Air Tent 4 – in late 2022, after previewing prototypes at several camping shows around the country.

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Thule rooftop tents

Best known for its extensive range of roof racks, mounting systems and accessories, Swedish-origin Thule – pronounced tool-uh –  has a range of rooftop tents.

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BRS Roof Top Tent

There are roof top tents and roof top tents. The 2021 BRS Off Road model is the best one we’ve seen to date and it’s Australian-made.

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Backtrax hard-shell roof tent

Roof tents can be a pain to erect and to pack away, but a hard-shell, electrically opening and closing unit eradicates all this hard work. We tested a Backtrax unit and were very impressed with it.

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Inflatable tents and swags

Darche’s Air-Volution tents and swags have no poles, relying instead on inflatable tubes or ‘air-poles’. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t lend us a tent to test.

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Turbo Tent Trio Tested

We always like to test gear on long bush trips, so when we heard that two of our group would be bringing their Black Wolf Turbo tents on a bush adventure we grabbed a test one so that we’d have a trio to compare.

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Swag, Tent or Camper Trailer

We’re assuming at the outset that you’re going seriously off road, so a camper trailer has replaced a caravan on your potential purchase list. That means your choice is between swags, tents and camping trailers.

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Roof-top Tents

Roof-top units can be ideal for 4WD tourers who don’t want to tow anything. A typical roof-top camper weighs around 50kg, plus the weight of the rack, so is suitable to clamp to the roof of a large 4WD.

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OzTent RV-5

OzTent’s RV-4 was released in 2005 and quickly became a top seller. The OzTent people were asked by many customers to make a bigger tent, but they didn’t want the folded package to be any bigger or much heavier. We tested an early model RV-5 and liked it so much we bought it.

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