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Tents, Swags, Camper trailers, Slide-ons, Roof Top Tents and Camping Gear

If your camping arrangement doesn’t work you won’t have a happy 4WD experience, so we’ve highlighted the pros and cons of different camping possibilities. Some people are happy towing a camper trailer; others prefer a campervan or a slide-on camper and many reckon a tent or swag is the go. Then there’s the question of camping gear; awnings, refrigeration, power, lighting and more – it’s all covered in our Camping pages. 

Check out our camper trailer, slide-on camper off-road caravan owners reviews. Contact us if you’d like to add your review; please note that you must own or have owned the camper or caravan that you review. 



OXO Outdoor range

OXO is a US-based award-winning consumer brand; best known for its household cooking ware and tools. The new OXO Outdoor range is aimed at campers.

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BlendJet II

There was a time when you had to forget the niceties of town life if you went bush – including smoothies for breakfast. Now, thanks to BlendJet’s portable blender, you can spin away.

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Reducing the cost of recreational vehicles

Many of us would like to have a flash off-road caravan, 4WD campervan or motorhome, but it does’t take much research to discover that a new, off the shelf vehicle will set you back between $150,000 and $500,000. There are ways to reduce that initial outlay or to offset the costs.

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Swiss Army knives with differences

In recent years the Victorinox company has developed new derivatives of the famous Swiss Army Knife, fitted with specially-coated blades and tools,  wood-finish models, marine ‘camo’ designs and different finishes. Personalised red and black versions were available in 2024.

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Cameron Campers Compact

Cameron Campers Compact slide-on uses the company’s camper-trailer-style Easy Tent with patented easy-fold technology, to make camping easier and more comfortable. It is a side-fold, combination hard-soft-floor hybrid that requires no pegs or guy ropes. 

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Kimberley Kube

Kimberley Kampers has released the Kube Off-Road Teardrop Camper, aimed at adventurous couples and small families.

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EcoFlow Delta Pro power supply

The EcoFlow Delta Pro portable power station has ample battery storage capacity to run a campsite, but also has the ability to be a mobile power supply for non-mains areas and a power boost for homes.

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Buy BOAB camping gear on-line

Leading Australian adventure gear brand, BOAB, launched a new website in late-2023, offering customers an expanded product range, easy navigation, informative blog articles and the ability to purchase directly on-line.

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