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Welcome to Outback Travel Australia

4WD and Remote Travel Information

As one of Australia’s leading 4WD and Travel websites, we make it easy to research your next trip, 4WD and equipment, destinations and much more. Join Allan Whiting as he shares news, 4WD reviews and his advice when tackling the outback.

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Camping mattress choices

It’s vital to have quality sleep when you’re camping and the key to that is selecting the right mattress. We’ve checked out several types over the years to help your purchase decision.

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Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series

Since the first Land Cruisers came to Australia in the 1970s evolution, not revolution, has been the name of the game, but in 2022 the 70 Series became much more complex, adding the HiLux diesel option for 2024 and discontinuing the V8 in September 2024.

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About Outback Travel Australia

Established in 2009, Outback Travel Australia is owned and operated by Allan Whiting, with a great deal of assistance from the dedicated Outback Travel Australia team. Allan’s career as a journalist spans many years; he considers himself fortunate to have been able to follow his passion for writing about trucks, sailing boats, four wheel drives, touring and camping.

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Thank you to all who have already donated, and thank you in advance to all who choose to help out.

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Reader Feedback

Thank you to all visitors who have sent us complimentary feedback, it’s very satisfying knowing that we’re helping you.

“Hi Allan. We just had a look at your web site which is jam-packed with info for the 4wdriver”
Robin and Nola – Rooftop Maps, VIC

“I am writing to ask if we may use articles from this site to post in our Club magazine”
Ian B, Range Rover Club QLD

“I have an Australian travel website and in my safety section I have linked to your website article on safe winching as it was the best I had seen”
Judy M, Motherhen
“Allan, I’ve followed your work over many years since your bus days and always found your comments to be very sensible”
Peter S
“Totally agree with your article on run-flat or space-saver spares. We have a Tiguan and live down about four kilometres of graded gravel road. We put a stone through the tread and thankfully we’re at home. So I changed to the space saver – but, no towing and limited to 80kmh! So I had to drive down to Nowra at 80km/h in a 100km/h zone, with the trucks wondering what the hell I was doing. Should be a Design Rule in Australia! Good article – well done!”
Ralph R NSW, Spec Saver Spares
“Thanks Allan for another no-bullshit review. Love your style of reporting and please don’t stop!”
Steve L, NSW

“I love your site !!! It has reviews on utes and 4WDs that other sites don’t. Trying to find another site with honest tests off road is almost impossible. Thank you and keep up the good work”
Gary B, Andrews Farm, SA

Having just contributed to your endeavours, I would like to add that my wife and I are grateful for the volume of useful information that your website provides.

For the past 10 years, we have lived and worked in remote areas of northern Australia. Arnhem Land, offshore islands and Kalumburu. We are currently in the West Kimberley region inland from Derby.

Your website has been of enormous benefit to us in many ways, and you and your team are to be commended for the practical and proficient manner in which it is delivered.

Thank you so much from 2 people who just love outback travel.

Kind regards

Mark & Rosie O