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In this section we assess the different camping options available. Your chosen style of camping can affect what vehicle you purchase and what other gear you need.

Camping mattress choices

It’s vital to have quality sleep when you’re camping and the key to that is selecting the right mattress. We’ve checked out several types over the years to help your purchase decision.

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ZF electric trailer axle nears production

We might have known that transmission specialist ZF wouldn’t leave the electric axle market to other European manufacturers. Its eTrailer system has been tested during 2021 and is now being implemented by RV maker, Thor Industries.

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Camping through the years

These two Aussies are Outback Travel Australia devotees who gladly offered their camping experience as a guide for people who are just getting into outback travel, or who are part-way along the gear-upgrade path.

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Lightweight caravan chassis option

AL-KO, a global leader in caravan chassis technology, has announced the AL-KO LightRTM Chassis: a lightweight chassis that has the potential to revolutionise Australian caravan design.

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Buying the Right Camper Trailer

A camper trailer is the most versatile bush-travel home-away-from-home you can buy, but there are different types, intended for specific purposes. It’s important to determine your needs before you put down your hard-earned cash.

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Checking Out a Used Camper Trailer

Some campers have been driven and used carefully and others have been abused, but it’s not always easy to spot the difference. However, there are ways to check out the vehicle’s condition.

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Different camper trailer suspensions on test

In the fleet of six camper trailers we evaluated during a Camper Trailer Torture Test we had a selection of independent and leaf sprung designs that gave us an excellent opportunity for comparison under all operating conditions.

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How legal is your camper trailer

Most camper trailers are designed around best practice, with an appropriate braking system, but thousands – thousands – are not, according to the Australian Manufactured Camper Trailer Guild.

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Imported canvas fails laboratory tests

Tests conducted by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology on three different samples of imported camper canvas have shown that these particular products did not meet Australian Standard requirements for waterproofing.

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Swag, Tent or Camper

We’re assuming at the outset that you’re going seriously off road, so a slide-on or camper trailer has replaced a caravan on your potential purchase list. That means your choice is between swags, tents and campers.

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