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If you have a ute or a tray-back 4WD, a slide-on camper could make the ideal bush home.

Cameron Campers Compact

Cameron Campers Compact slide-on uses the company’s camper-trailer-style Easy Tent with patented easy-fold technology, to make camping easier and more comfortable. It is a side-fold, combination hard-soft-floor hybrid that requires no pegs or guy ropes. 

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Wedgetail Slide-On Camper

The Wedgetail slide-on camper design has been refined over the year and we visited the compact but efficient factory in Newcastle NSW, to check out progress.

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Zone Z-UEV canopy module

Zone RV is best known for its high-tech caravans, but the Queensland-based company has branched out into top-shelf canopy and rear skirt modules for utes and converted wagons.

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Traymate Slide-on Camper

Slide-on camper manufacturer Trayon has produced a budget-priced, lightweight, slide-on camper. Traymate can double as a tradie’s body during the working week.

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Tong Metal Slide-on Campers

​Most slide-on campers are fully finished, but this Aussie company has seen the market need for structurally complete units that buyers can finish off to suit their individual needs.

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Be sure your slide-on is legal

Many slide-on camper installations we’ve seen are illegal, because the loaded rig exceeds the ute manufacturer’s rated gross vehicle mass. You need to do your sums before you buy.

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Trayon Diesel Deluxe slide-on camper

Trayon has been building slide-ons since 1994 and in April 2017 produced its 1000th unit. The Trayon Diesel Deluxe model has everything a bush camper could want and it’s relatively quick to set up and pack away.

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