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Camper trailers, Cross-overs, Slide-on Campers
and Off-Road Caravans

Most of us have visited a 4WD, Camping and Outdoor Show and have listened to sales people tell us how good their products are, but how do you know that they’re telling the truth? In most cases, buyers are not able to try out the products before they put down their hard-earned cash and sometimes, the purchase doesn’t quite come up to expectations. For others who have done a lot of homework, the outcome can be a positive experience.

The Outback Travel Australia team tests as much gear as we can get our hands on and we report our findings to assist purchasers make better informed decisions. Realistically it just isn’t possible to check out every camping arrangement and that’s why we’re inviting existing owners of camper trailers, cross-over campers, slide-on campers and off-road caravans to share their purchasing, after-sales service and camping experiences.

Our advice always, is to do the research and have a realistic idea of what you’re looking for before you go shopping. If you’re new to camping, look around at what is available in the market and ask a lot of questions!

Think about how you will use your camper, where do you intend to travel, does the camper have adequate storage and accommodation, how much weight can your vehicle carry and tow, LEGALLY! Will you set up camp for long stays or just overnight stops, how much time will it take to set-up and pack away (include the time it takes to set up the awning if you plan to use it every time you camp) 

Outback Travel Australia’s camper owners’ reviews are intended to assist people who are planning to purchase a new or used camper trailer, cross-over, slide-on camper or off-road caravan. Please contact us via the contact form if you’d like to share your experience with our readers.

Vista RV Crossover XL – Tony and Juana

Vista RV Crossover XL – Tony and Juana

Juana and Tony had planned a trip to the NT and the Kimberley but their plans changed dramatically when their old Patrol developed mechanical problems. They set up their Vista Crossover camper in a caravan park in Alice Springs and waited while the vehicle was repaired. That took two weeks out of the travel timetable and they weren’t sure what to do next. After a chance meeting with OTA’s Darrell and Linda White, the foursome spent the next two months touring together ……..

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Ultimate Xplor – Andy and Michelle

Andy and Michelle did a lot of bush travel and research before purchasing their Ultimate camper trailer. They’ve travelled extensively throughout Australia and have driven many off-road kilometres.

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