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A first responder's lightweight cutting tool.

The Leatherman Raptor is a professional tool intended for use by first responders to auto accidents. Being a Leatherman device, it folds easily to fit inside a supplied plastic sheath, that can be fixed in a vehicle, or worn on a belt or harness. It also has a lanyard eyelet on one of the shear handles and a pocket clip.

The six incorporated tools are: stainless steel, folding mechanical sheers: a strap cutter; a ring (or wire) cutter; a 50mm ruler; and oxygen tank spigot wrench and a carbide glass breaker.

Our test unit had full stainless steel frames with black plastic covering on the hand grips, but more visible bright blue and green handle covers are available.

We checked out the operations of the Raptor, except for the glass-breaking feature and the oxygen tank tool, but the accompanying video shows them in operation.






We found that the strap-cutting hook knife worked ideally to sever single-strap belts, but needed two cutting actions to handle double-layer belting. The shears, in contrast, sliced through four laters of webbing with very little effort.





We expected the ring-cutter to cut typical finger-ring materials that are often quite soft and it did that with almost no effort. However, we tried it on a double-ring stainless steel key ring and it cut that just as easily.

Although designed for professionals, the Leatherman Raptor may appeal to people who want to enhance an accident-capable first aid kit. It’s not a toy and its not cheap, at a RRP of $179.95, but it sure works!



















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