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From the makers of the market-leading Trayon comes a budget slide-on - December 2017

Slide-on camper manufacturer Trayon has produced a budget-priced, lightweight, slide-on camper. Traymate can double as a tradie’s body during the working week.

When Trayon’s owners, the De Walt family, researched the lower end of the slide-on camper market they discovered that the only available dual-purpose, work/play bodywork was the aluminium tradesman canopy.

The most limiting factor in using trade canopies as campers is that they are usually built with 20-45-degree tapered sides.

This is done primarily for aesthetics, to match the slope of the ute cabin sides, but is also a safer design for carrying loads on the canopy roof rack, keeping the load well inside the suspension points on the chassis.


However, tapered canopy sides limit interior space – particularly when it comes to installing a fridge on a slide. Tapered sides also mean that there’s less rooftop space, limiting the floor area of a rooftop tent.

Enter the Traymate Camper – an aluminium canopy with lift-up doors set into vertical sides and four free-standing legs.

The base model of the Traymate Camper is called the Traymate shell. It is a blank canvas for you to fit out just the way you want, as you would with any other aluminium ute canopy. There is no slope in the sides, providing much more interior volume and rooftop space, yet the shell is extremely strong.

The Traymate shell weighs 175kg including the legs. It has the same powder-coated aluminium construction as the Trayon Camper and the same floor structure with beams. This allows the addition of drawers for extra storage, an external bench and an additional 35-litre water tank.

It has been designed to accept existing toolboxes, fridge slides and rooftop tents, so it can be adapted by people who already own the working and camping gear they need.

At launch the Traymate Shell price was $6000.

Traymate kit

For those who don’t have camping gear, or who want much more camping accommodation, Traymate has developed a purpose-designed rooftop tent that measures an unprecedented 2300mm x 1800mm, allowing the standard queen-sized bed to remain made-up all the time.

Once open, the roof top tent becomes a large awning, approximately 2300mm wide and 2300mm long.

Opening the rooftop tent is said to be a matter of simply flipping over one beam and the counter-levered, Australian-made canvas structure erects the tent. Then you push up three peaks and you’re done.

The Traymate Rooftop tent is priced at $3800, including a mattress and an LED strip light inside.

An additional weather-proof annex with a vinyl floor can be zipped onto the roof top tent awning, giving privacy and shelter. It can be added for $1785 and comes in a bag that fits inside the Traymate.

But wait: there’s more!The Traymate Camper’s sleep-out, for $1890, is a room with fly screens all around that can sleep three kids, or two adults. Other possible addition is the Trayon Outhouse: an aluminium-lidded, vinyl shower and toilet enclosure that clips to the side of the Traymate.





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