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New designs for traditional Victorinox standards.


In recent years the Victorinox company has developed new derivatives of the famous Swiss Army Knife, fitted with specially-coated blades and tools,  wood-finish models, marine ‘camo’ designs and different finishes. Personalised red and black versions were available in 2024.



We have a couple of multi-tools in our camping kit, but we always have a Swiss Army Knife on hand as well. We’ve had several over the years and they’ve been lost or pinched, not worn out.



Personalised versions of some traditional models, with your name engraved on the side plate, could be ordered on line from mid-2024.

The Alox Limited Edition is available in a new and limited colour every year.

Terra brown is the 2024 colour that is ‘forceful and elegant, natural and down-to-earth, creating a sense of strength, reliability, and sophistication’ said Victorinox.

This year’s trio consists of the models Classic SD, Pioneer X and the new Evoke. Each item has the year printed on the back and is packaged with its certificate in an elegant gift box.

The ribbed surface makes the Alox Limited Edition of Swiss Army Knives special, functional and iconic. The ‘scales’ are punched from aluminium, embossed and then anodized with the Eloxal process, creating a protective layer and lending the scales their colour.

This hard layer of oxide offers additional scale protection against damage and corrosion and provides the knife with an easy grip, yet stylish and visually attractive design. 

At a length of 58 millimetres, the Classic SD Alox features a blade, nail file, screwdriver, scissors and a key ring.

The Pioneer X Alox 93-millimetre model includes a blade, reamer, punch, can opener (with 3mm screwdriver), bottle opener (with a 7mm screwdriver and wire stripper), scissors and a key ring.

The Evoke Alox is a new, everyday folding knife, featuring a large blade, removable thumb stud, lanyard hole, para-cord pendant and a removable carry clip.



Previous editions


In 2023, the ninth edition was electric yellow. The trio consisted of the models Classic SD, Pioneer X and Hunter Pro.



At a length of 58 millimetres, the Classic SD Alox featured a blade, nail file, screwdriver, scissors and key ring.

The Pioneer X Alox 93-millimetre model included a blade, reamer, punch, can opener, two screwdrivers, bottle opener, wire stripper, scissors and key ring.

The Hunter Pro Alox had a large blade, lanyard hole, para-cord pendant and clip.



Also new for 2023 was the Victorinox Evoke Collection, with a variety of options for the scales, including the choice of wood or Alox. The angular positioning of the Cross and Shield underlined the knife’s modern design.

There were also several innovative features, including clip-point or drop-point blades and optional anti-reflective black blades.

A back-lock system ensured safety and removable thumb studs allowed for all styles to have a choice of one-handed or two-handed opening.

All the knives included a removable carry clip, matching the silver or black blade.

Victorinox prides itself on more than 135 years of experience in the manufacturing of high-quality knives in Switzerland. 


The 2019 Alox Limited Edition saw the signatory aluminium sides finished with knurling and gold anodising.

Reinterpreted in red, the Hunter Pro Alox was a new edition of the brand’s popular pocket knife, Hunter Pro.

Featuring Victorinox’s signature cross and shield emblem, the Hunter Pro Alox was a large knife with a slim profile that was easy to carry.

As with all Victorinox Swiss Army Knives, the blade of the Hunter Pro Alox was made of rust-resistant stainless steel in the brand’s factory in Switzerland.


Navy Camouflage models

The 2019 Swiss Army Knife range included Navy Camouflage models and, because we go boating when we’re on many bush trips, we have the Skipper model.

Our ‘vessel’ of choice is a Hobie Mirage Tandem Island trimaran that we can sail, paddle or pedal and, as we all know, when you’re on the water and something breaks you need the right tool to fix it.

The Skipper had a serrated knife blade that easily cut through spectra rope and a pair of small pliers that could hold anything up to around 15mm in diameter and was useful for getting a hook out of a fish. The sprung-loaded plier jaws also had a small crimping tool.

A marlin spike was included and this tool doubled as a large sewing needle or insertion tool, as well as a variable-size shackle key.

Other Swiss Army standard tools included a toothpick, can-opener, blade and cross-head screwdrivers, a sharp augur and a corkscrew. Why a corkscrew these days, you may say, but we found a marine use for it when a bung broke off flush with the hull and we managed to extract it – just like a cork!

Swiss Army knives have always had excellent corrosion resistance and our Navy Camouflage models retained that feature as our test continued.





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