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Easy washing on the run

We’ve been testing this novel portable ‘washing machine’ for the past few months and it’s certainly worth considering by those who have packing space limitations.

The Scrubba is a waterproof vinyl bag with a sealing band and clips at the open end. There’s also an air release valve on the side.

The upper surface has a clear section, so that you can see what’s going on inside and the opposite surface has internal moulded ‘nipples’ that create a washboard-like surface.

To use the Scrubba you partly fill it with water, add some detergent and then the articles you want to wash. We found that a couple of T-shirts or one microfibre towel is around the optimum washing load.

The open end is sealed by rolling over the sealing band a few times and connecting the snap clips together.

At this point the bag is full of an air-water mix and it’s difficult to get much washing action going. That’s where the air-release valve comes into play.
Excess air is bled off by opening the valve and then the deflated bag can be agitated by hand from the outside, rubbing the contents over the washboard

A few minutes’ activity is enough for clothes that are just sweaty, but heavily soiled items benefit from a longer soak.

It’s also possible to leave items in the bag as you drive along, letting suspension action to the agitation for you.

Rinsing can be done in the bag, after emptying the soapy water and wringing out the washed items.

If you dry it out carefully after use your Scrubba becomes a bag to store camping washing kit: detergent bottle, pegs and clothes line, keeping everything together.

It’s not a cheap product, at 65 bucks including postage, but it’s very compact and can clean clothes and towels quite well.








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