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We've overcome most bush-toiletry dramas without spending a fortune.


The Elemental Thunder Down Under portable toilet has proved to be a very handy bush companion over the past few years. It’s now our go-to bush dunny choice.


We’re always on the look-out for portable dunny innovations and we bought a Thunder Down Under from Snowys back in 2020, for $34.90. It’s proved to be a faithful companion ever since.

The toilet is a simple 20-litre capacity polyethylene plastic can with a handle and a clip-on toilet seat with lid. It measures 36mm high x 34mm diameter and weighs only 1.2kg.  Also available are biodegradable toilet bags that slip over the top edge of the bucket and are kept in place by the seat.

If you’re after a no-nonsense toilet for camping, caravanning or boating, look no further than the Elemental Thunder Down Under Toilet. This budget portable camping toilet has a simple, sturdy bucket design with a traditional snap-on hinged lid. It’s lightweight, compact and easy to transport with the carry handle.

We use it with the bag in place for Number Twos, along with some environmentally Poo Powder or Poo Gel. These products help solidify and deodorise the bag contents. 


However, we don’t bother with a bag insert for Number Ones during the night, provided we can tip the wee out next morning, without doing any environmental harm. We rinse the bucket out afterwards, of course and clean it with antiseptic wipes. (The wipes go in the garbage, not in the biodegradable bags.)

The Number Twos are sealed inside the optional disposable, biodegradable bags and we bury them, if we’re in remote areas, away from any water sources, of course. If we’re in transit, in relative civilisation, we stow the sealed bags in our firewood rack until we find a roadside rubbish bin, where we dispose of them.

It’s not widely known that excrement is acceptable in rubbish bins, but people with babies and pets know that disposable nappies and pet-poo bags are routinely disposed of in this way.

The bucket is somewhat bulky, but can be used when travelling to store dunny-related kit: toilet rolls; biodegradable bags; Dettol; antiseptic wipes and waterless hand wash.

We’ve used our Thunder Down Under toilet on many camping trips and it’s proved to be sturdy and reliable. 





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