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Bad water can taste horrible and even make you sick.

There’s nothing worse than getting a load of crook water, so we’re always very fussy about the source of any water that we put into our camper tank – and we always filter as we fill.

We never use a hose that’s connected to a tap and always use our own fill hose. We learnt the hard way that hoses left in the sun can give water a horrible plastic taste.

We also have an in-line filter that clicks between our fill hose and the inlet/outlet hose attached to the camper tank. (We fill our vertically-mounted tank from the bottom when we’re using mains pressure water supply.

We click the filter into place when we’re filling the tank and then pack it away until we need to refill. It’s always working under light pressure, with mains supply at the inlet end and only the head of water in the tank at the outlet end.

We researched the filter business before settling on an Explore WF42 that was made in Taiwan for Haigh Australia. We bought it on-line for around $26.

It’s possible to spend a lot of money on a filter, but as ours will never be under full mains pressure, we didn’t need a robust one. However, the makers claim that the WF42 can withstand 125psi pressure.

The filter medium is granulated activated charcoal and we were happy to buy this throw-away type that can’t be serviced, but is discarded every year or

The Explore unit is purpose designed for campers and caravans and can be installed in the pressure line between the tank and the vehicle taps, if required.
Our thought is that it’s better to filter water as we fill the tank, rather than filter it after filling up.

The WF42 is quite compact, measuring only 254mm x 50mm and can filter up to three litres per minute. The package includes two screw-in hose connector spigots
and we carry couple of spare ones we picked up at the local hardware store, in case we accidentally break one.





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