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Sturdy, easy fold seating for around the fire.

We prefer upright director-style camping chairs and we’ve finally found replacements for our aged OzTrail chairs. Black Wolf compact chairs are strong, fold up easily and have a lifetime warranty.

We’ve had enough experience with camping chairs to know what works for us. We won’t have chairs with angled legs, culminating in two or three piece junctions at their feet. Inevitably these joints fail, either breaking the junction piece, or pulling out the attaching rivets.

Also, there’s no point having chairs with a lightweight rating, because inevitably some fat bugger sits in your chair one night and breaks it!

We want chairs that have integrate tables and cup holders, because thee’s nothing more heartbreaking than seeing your last nip of scotch tip over on uneven ground, or ants invading your dinner plate.

The Black Wolf compact directors chairs seem to tick all the boxes and after a couple of trial trips away we’re very happy with them. Fit and finish is good, apart from a couple of paint blisters where the undercoat didn’t stick.

The chairs arrived packed, naturally, and were a little stubborn to become erect. However, after a few trial efforts we were soon used to the procedure. The seat back is raised an the legs pulled apart, before being locked into place with a push down of your foot.

We’ve seen complaints from some owners who reckon the table doesn’t level when the chair is locked upright, but that means the locking mechanism hasn’t
gone fully over-centre. When locked fully the table is horizontal.

Each seat back folds over the folded frame and has a handy carry handled sewn into it. It’s very simple to carry one in each hand, to and from the campfire.

On the side opposite the table is a fabric bag with zip closure, phone pocket and an open-top mesh pocket. We drop the phone in its pocket, a head torch
in the mesh bag, a beanie in the zip pocket, a quiet little drink in the cup holder, some nuts on the table and we’re set for the evening!





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