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This 2023 newcomer is based on the mid-sized Iveco Eurocargo chassis.


The Perth-designed and built Auriga motorhome is built on Iveco’s Eurocargo ML150 4×4 platform by specialist cabinetry makers. 



Bryan McGrath has supplied commercial cabinetry in Western Australia since 1970 and lately turned his talents to motorhome manufacturing. His initial motorhome bodies were designed for smaller light truck platforms, before he selected the Eurocargo 4×4 for this 2023 project.

“I think the Iveco Eurocargo ML150 4×4 offers the complete package for this type of motorhome build,” Bryan said.

“From a cost perspective it wasn’t a much greater investment to go from a light truck to a medium duty platform and get a whole lot of extra benefits, including more space, greater carrying and towing capacity and a much better driving experience.

“The Eurocargo sits nicely on the road, is comfortable and offers a lot of stability. 

“The cabin ergonomics and appointments are also high end, which is helpful when you’re covering large distances. 

“It was also a very easy process to fit super single wheels, which is the preferred specification when you head off road.”



The Eurocargo has a full-time 4×4 system, hub reduction axles and centre and rear differential locks that ensure maximum traction in low-grip situations.

The powertrain is headed by Iveco’s Tector six-cylinder, 5.9-litre turbo-diesel engine, delivering 279bhp and 950Nm of torque from a low 1200rpm. Power is fed to the wheels via a ZF six-speed manual synchromesh transmission and two-speed transfer case.


Auriga kit



The specification includes one queen size bed and one drop-down double bed, an interior kitchen and shower with 15-litre hot water system, ceramic Thetford toilet with cartridge, reverse-cycle air conditioning and a diesel heater. The vehicle is also fitted with a 400-litre freshwater tanks and 150-litres of grey-water capacity. 

Power comes from lithium batteries and solar panels. 



The motorhome body sits on a steel C-channel frame that’s connected to the chassis rails via 12 heavy duty springs, to allow for the torsional twist of the truck chassis. The body is built from lightweight aluminium box sections, sitting on a base ladder frame and clad with fire-retardant 4mm aluminium composite panels. The body is internally sheeted with 25mm insulation, then finished with 12mm fire and water retardant compact laminate. 

The roof features a huge skylight and is sealed using VersEseal with Geo Fabric.

Also included are a 24,000lb electric winch, auxiliary lighting, tyre inflation system, slide-out outdoor kitchen and an awning.



“We really are experts in cabinet-making and fit-outs,” said Bryan McGrath.

“We use high quality, lightweight, waterproof materials and I believe that our level of fit and finish exceeds what’s currently available,” he said.

“We’re also mindful of remaining attainable for prospective owners, so we aim to provide quality at a reasonable price point. 

“You shouldn’t have to wish upon a star to own an Auriga.”

Auriga’s first Eurocargo-based was sold quickly and another two were in build in late-2023.  A larger T-Way 4×4 based motorhome was scheduled for 2024.


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