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Toyota 70 Series recall

There have been documented fires in 70 Series vehicles around Australia, caused by dry vegetation getting caught around the hot DPF housing and we’ve been warning potential buyers of this hazard since 2016 and so has Toyota, with a warning label on the driver’s door.

In May 2020, Toyota Australia finally announced a recall of LandCruiser 70 Series vehicles produced between June 2016 and November 2018: “to improve outreach to consumers” – whatever the hell that means. We suspect what they mean is to prevent fires and subsequent lawsuits! 

There were 22,971 such vehicles sold in the Australian market. However, we bet they don’t get that number turning up in dealerships, because many owners have become so scared of losing their vehicles in fires that they’ve – illegally – deleted their DPFs.

For involved vehicles, Toyota Dealers install modified heat-shields – free of charge to vehicle owners. Toyota Dealers also enable the DPF manual regeneration customisation mode, which allows owners to conduct manual regeneration prior to going off-road.

In addition, instructions on removal of accumulated vegetation are placed in owners’ vehicles as part of this campaign. The whole deal was said to take around three hours.


































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