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Review – Goldfields-centred kids’ adventure book


We came across Dean Head’s book, Earth Movers – Determined Kids vs Evil Aliens, a few weeks back and got right into it. It could be great entertainment and instruction for travelling kids of all ages.



With 40+ years’ experience in the film industry, having worked on Hollywood films such as Transformers 4, Tomb Raider 2 and Rush Hour 2, Dean Head originally wrote the story for film but had to rethink that, because of Covid.

Dean Head wrote Earth Movers, drawing on his experiences playing on earthmoving machinery as a child, with the intention of promoting learning by hiding the knowledge in dialogue and action. The story follows the adventures of three 11-year-olds, culminating in thwarting an evil alien attack. There’s plenty of action in the second half of the book – almost to the point of exhaustion!

Head said that his inspiration for the book arose from driving past a construction site each day while taking his step-daughter to school.

“I looked at these beasts and thought: ‘Imagine if they came to life and attacked us’.”

”And that’s what the story is about,” he said.

After the three heroes are involved in a mining site accident, they plan a trick-driving contest for earthmoving equipment operators, to make up for the trouble they unintentionally caused. The contest draws international interest and is going well, until the alien invasion begins and the pace really picks up.

The 11-year-olds have to work together and with the equipment drivers, townsfolk, classmates, teachers, parents and friends, to work out how to defeat the aliens.

However, during the lead up to this climax there are many subtle pieces of knowledge dotted throughout the text, in something of a creative learning exercise. While kids are reading the story line, they’re picking up valuable historic and cultural information along the way. 

One such piece of information is: ‘how to tie a bowline knot’, using a reference from the OTA website!

“Cultural diversity is inherent, because the three heroes are a First Nations girl, a Chinese Aussie boy and a white Aussie boy and they have no clue that they’re from disparate backgrounds,” Dean Head said.


Dean Head at work in a chopper


It is his hope that the book will promote acceptance of all cultures by younger generations and act as an instigator for change.

“What the story shows is inch-by-inch, step-by-step you attack and climb your own version of Mount Everest and you get to the summit when you don’t give in,” he said.

“I got permission from Winston Churchill’s people  – one of my heroes in life – to use his quote in the book:

‘Never ever, ever, ever, ever give in’.”

Dean Head has already visited the Kalgoorlie region to scope out potential filming sites, to develop the book into a movie. He’s working on pre-production activities and said that releasing the story as an e-book first was a litmus test of his intended audience.

The e-book is available on Apple Books and Amazon, and you can follow Dean Head on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with his journey, promoting the book and translating it to film.




































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