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Redarc’s ‘Australianised’ Toyota Tacoma

Redarc’s US office has used the company’s successful Australian Outback experience to demonstrate what it can do for adventurers based in the USA. Redarc has tricked-out a 2021 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road model.



Redarc’s experience Down Under has traditionally been with Toyota Hilux and 70 Series that are not sold in the US of A, but the company has found the North American Tacoma a suitable case for treatment. (Toyota, in its infinite wisdom, doesn’t see  a market in Australia for the Tacoma.)

Redarc’s 2021 Tacoma build brings a taste of Aussie-style off-roading to what is classed as a ‘mid-sizer’ in the home of the Giant Pickup. The 3.5-litre, petrol V6 powered Tacoma would be a large ute here.

Redarc USA’s mods started with removing the pickup bodywork completely in favour of an aluminium ‘tray’ and ‘canopy’. The Yanks had to be told that in Australia, a ‘tray’ is a flatbed surface, and a ‘canopy’ is the enclosed box that sits on top of it.

Inside that canopy are dual auxiliary 120Ah lithium batteries, governed by a Redarc Manager30 system that has been adapted to accept the USA’s 110-volt mains power. The Manager30 allows the batteries to be charged via the Tacoma’s own alternator, a rooftop solar panel or AC power. 

That stored electricity is used to power a roll-out fridge, air compressor, and 2000-watt pure sine wave inverter that converts it to 110-volt AC power, suitable for laptops, coffee makers and other household appliances.

It’s all controlled through Redarc’s RedVision management system. The colour displays and smartphone app view and operate every device on the system, while also monitoring power consumption, temperature and water levels.

Under the ‘hood’ (‘bonnet’ to us) is a dual battery system that powers the Tacoma’s additional 12-volt equipment, including auxiliary lighting. 

A 25A BCDC in-vehicle battery charger and smart battery isolator allows the under-bonnet battery to be charged via alternator or solar and it can be employed to jump-start the vehicle.



Under the ute is a 1.5-inch (38mm) lift kit with rear airbags and the TRD Off-Road wheels are fitted with Falken WildPeak AT3 265/75R16 tyres. To get out of hairy situations there’s a Warn winch, fitted to a CBI Covert Front Bumper and an ARB recovery kit is supplied. 

A Front Runner roof rack with rooftop tent is the off-road home on wheels.

The Redarc Tacoma is scheduled to make its debut at the Overland Expo in Colorado in late-August, before featuring at two more Overland Expos before arriving at SEMA in November.


































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