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PSA and FCA will merge in 2021

After years of on-off negotiations the Peugeot-Citroen Group will merge with the Fiat-Chrysler Group in the new year. 

Outback Travel Australia has analysed the proposed ‘Stellantis’ organisation and it seems that the merger is designed to enhance both groups’ positions in future CASE vehicles: Connected, Automated, Shared and Electric.

Stellantis is a brand name constructed from the Latin word, ‘stello’, meaning ‘I adorn with stars’. However, in Greek, the same root can mean ‘to bring together and contract’. There will obviously be some ‘stars’ in the merged vehicle lineup, but there will be some not so bright models as well.

The impact on the Stellantis 4WD vehicle lineup is likely to take years and will probably be mostly in the Electric area. 

FCA already has two of the world’s most prominent 4WD brands, Jeep and RAM, while PSA has none, so there’s unlikely to be much post-merger influence on the direction of the Stellantis 4WD lineup: it will be predominantly North American.

Jeep and RAM are already headed down the hybrid 4WD track and that can be expected to continue as planned.


































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