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Leaking Land Rovers – we told them so…


In our testing of current Defenders, Range Rovers and Rangie Sports we’ve criticised the ridiculous placement of intercooler radiators at the ends of the front bumpers.


It was obvious to us when we first set eyes on this layout that it was a serious design compromise. Putting small heat exchangers at the front corners of any 4WD is just asking for trouble.

Although we’ve written up this hazard on the OTA website, in our tests of Land Rovers and Range Rovers, some of our cashed-up mates couldn’t resist the tempting styling and performance of the Rangie and bought one.

They didn’t intend to do any serious off-roading, so what could go wrong? Plenty, as it turned out.

Their pride and joy finished up on the back of a tilt-tray truck, following an altercation with a fox that couldn’t have weighed more than six kilos.



The fox deflected off the left front bumper corner and then the dashboard lit up like a Xmas tree. Inspection revealed hardly any bumper damage, but the radiator was leaking coolant.

It was roadside service time and they were lucky enough to have mobile phone coverage.

Their planned trip had to be cancelled, of course and they made their way back home.

They’re still waiting for the repairs to be carried out, but our guess is that the insurance company will be up for at least three grand, but probably more.

All current Defenders and Rangie models have this stupidly risky design that would never have got out of the drawing office in the good ol’ Land Rover days…




































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