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LDV’s electric ute joke


LDV has launched the Australian market’s first electric ute, the eT60. It’s stupidly expensive, under-equipped and has a totally impractical rear axle design.



The eT60 is only 2WD, so at OTA we wouldn’t normally bother reporting on it, but a 4WD version may be in the works as well.

This first LDV eT60 is based around the basic-spec Pro variant and powered by an 88.55kWh lithium-ion battery and electric-motor rear axle, with a claimed range of 330km.

LDV claims the battery can be charged via an 11kW charger in approximately nine hours and DC fast-charged in approximately 45 minutes from 20-80-percent full.

The permanent magnet synchronous motor delivers 130kW and 310Nm.

The eT60 has a paltry towing capacity of 1000kg and a claimed payload of 1000kg.



Vulnerable motor positioning


LDV has taken the cheap route for its e-axle design, but simply attaching the motor and its control unit to the original drive axle’s banjo housing. Thus it hangs dangerously close to the ground and increases unsprung weight.

Even worse, it exposes the electric components  to road vibrations – imagine how it would cope with Aussie corrugations.

The proper course would have been a semi-independent, leaf-spring suspension like the one Fuso has fitted to its electric eCanter light truck: a de Dion beam linking the leaf spring pads together, with chassis mounted electric motor and diff driving half shafts to semi-independent sprung wheel ends. Proper design.



At an ask of $90+ grand the LDV eT60 must be some form of Chinese humour, but we just don’t get the joke!



































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