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GVM upgrade for Navara coil-spring utes


Ironman has announced a federally approved GVM upgrade from 3150kg standard to 3340kg. Spring and shock absorber kits are available to suit utes that have a temporary load or a permanent load, and with two grades of foam cell shock absorbers.



Nissan’s standard front and rear axle maximum load ratings of 1490kg (front) and 1850kg (rear) are retained, but exploited to the maximum. The standard GVM retains some reserve capacity. Towing capacity remains at 3500kg, as does the gross combination mass (ute plus trailer) of 5910kg. 

GVM upgrades for Nissan Navara utes are available pre-registration and post-registration.

Pricing for the kits is $2720, (standard foam cell shocks), or $3183 (foam cell plus shocks).


































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