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Ford driving skills program kicks off


P-plate drivers are seven times more likely to be killed or injured when driving in the dark, compared to fully-licensed drivers. To help remedy this sad situation, Ford’s Driving Skills for Life program hits the road from June-September 2023, visiting regional and metro locations.



In line with National Road Safety Week (14-21 May, 2023), Ford Australia announced that night driving is the focus for the no-charge 2023 Driving Skills for Life program.

The Ford Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) program, delivered by Driving Solutions, is tailored to new and young drivers, and will be touring metro and regional areas in NSW, Queensland and Victoria.

DSFL involves practical training, with expert instructors, to help participants become more skilled and safer drivers. The program covers techniques that are not typically covered in L-Plate driver instruction and is particularly focused this year on the risks of driving at night on Australian roads.

The topics covered include emergency braking, steering and vision, cornering, parking and a ‘fatigue suit’ designed to demonstrate the dangers of driving when sleep deprived.

According to the NSW Government, fatigue accounts for around 20 percent of road deaths in NSW and the risk of having a fatigue-related crash is four times greater late at night or early in the morning. Young people who stay up late are among those most likely to feel fatigued and therefore at greater risk of being involved in an accident after dark.

“There’s nothing more important on the road than safety and that’s why we found the statistics around how many more young people suffer injuries and fatalities at night so concerning,” said Andrew Birkic, President and CEO of Ford Australia and New Zealand. 

“We’re hoping that by teaching young drivers practical night driving skills, we might help keep them just that bit safer on the road.” 

The Driving Skills for Life program is tailored in each remote area slightly differently, but covers:  dirt road driving;  different stopping distances on dirt and bitumen surfaces; dealing with concentration on long, straight roads; fatigue management; dealing with road trains; wildlife dawn and dusk hazards, and stopping at emergencies.

Ford Driving Skills for Life has provided free, advanced driver education to more than one million people worldwide, since its founding in 2003.

Driving Skills for Life is a free course, delivered by professional driving instructors around Australia. The program is open to drivers aged between 16-24 years old, who hold a valid learner’s permit or driver’s license. Registrations are open at www.FordDSFL.com.au

Driving Skills for Life 2023 event dates are: Melbourne International Raceway, Fri 21 July; Sydney Motorsport Park, Eastern Creek, Fri 18 Aug; Lithgow, NSW, Sat 19 Aug and Queensland locations will be announced in June.

Ford’s Driving Skills for Life is also in Alice Springs for the first time in the program’s history: taking place at Alice Springs Inland Dragway from 5:00pm-9:00pm, on June 13.



































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