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Dengue fever warning for travellers


Dengue virus disease (dengue fever, or ‘dengue’) is a viral disease spread by mosquitoes in many tropical and subtropical parts of the world including Africa, Asia, South America and parts of Australia.


The deluge that’s flooded much of the country has created ideal breeding conditions for mosquitoes that carry the dengue fever virus.

While once the province of northern parts of Australia, dengue is now more widespread and health authorities are warning travellers to be on their guard.

We were surprised to see a prominent dengue fever warning sign in the western NSW town of Hay, in late October, 2022. Our OTA team members reckoned there were more mozzies than flies out there!


Symptoms include high temperature, headache, pain behind the eyes, joint and muscle pains, nausea, rash and malaise.

There is no specific medical treatment and no vaccine, so the best way to protect against dengue virus and other mosquito-borne diseases is to avoid mosquito bites.

Seek medical attention immediately if you think you may have dengue virus disease.


































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