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Caravan safety check list

Many caravans have been sitting idle for quite some time, because of the travel restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic. 

Most ‘vanners are hoping to hit the road again, just as soon as the green light is given to do so nationally. 
It is extremely important to thoroughly check-out your ‘van, as no doubt the long stationary period will have caused some deterioration of components. 
The Caravan Council of Australia has prepared a basic Inspection Check-List to help guide you through the various steps to best-ensure your ‘van will provide safe and reliable travel for you and your family.  
The basic list and a more detailed Inspection Check-List is freely available via email from the CCAcaravancouncil@optusnet.com.au 
While many items should be able to be checked by the owner of the ‘van, it is essential that an experienced service-technician be engaged to inspect, adjust and service components that are crucial to ensuring safe travel on the road and to advise on matters that the owner is not fully conversant with. 
Also, the ‘van is only half of the ‘combination’.  It is vital that the tow-vehicle is also professionally serviced. 


































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