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We've been checking out a set of M-Ts with success so far.

OTA Team members Michelle and Andy Parry have clocked up 80,000km on their six Mickey Thompson ATZP3 tyres.

Their bush travels have included the Gibb River Road in The Kimberley, Gregory Judbarra NP, including the stony Bullita Stock Route and the Humbert Track.

They’ve also toured the NSW Corner Country and Queensland’s Channel Country, with a side trip to Coongie Lakes.

For sand work the Parrys checked out the M-Ts at Moreton Island, North Stradbroke Island and Bribie Island.

Bitumen running was on Route One, between Cairns and Sydney.

Most of these trips were towing a camper trailer, with both the 200 Series and the Ultimate Camper heavily laden.

mickey thompsonTread depth when new was 14mm and was 10mm all around after 12 months and 37,000 km. The wheels have been rotated every 10,000km and all six tyres have even wear.

Pressures have been as low as 16psi and as high as 50psi.

“The Mickey Thompsons were supplied to us when we complained about a set of Coopers that delaminated after 10,000km,” said Andy Parry. “The M-T’s have been much more durable.

“Noise is minimal and they have good grip and feel on dry bitumen.

“However, they’re a little twitchy in the wet, so we adjust our speed to suit, considering the 200 Series is at 3.5 tonnes most of the time.”

Michelle Parry has been impressed by the grip of the ATZP3s on gravel and corrugations, on rock and in mud.

“We’ve reduced pressures in some lower-speed conditions and can’t complain about the tyres at all,” said Michelle.

“In sand they tend to dig in a little, due to the blocky tread pattern, but 16-18 psi is generally low enough to get us through.”

Would the Parrys have Mickey Thompson ATZP3s again?

“Overall we feel these are good all around touring tyres and we’d use them again,” the Parrys chorused.




























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