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These tyres have a blend of mud terrain and all terrain patterns.

After years of trying to get test tyres from Goodyear, we finally managed to track down a set being evaluated by 4WD Off Road Driver Training’s Phil Poulter. He loved them.

We think the Goodyear door is shut
to us, but before his untimely death in mid-2019, Phil Poulter kindly agreed to give us a report on his DuraTracs.

“They’ve been on the Ranger now for 30,000 bush kilometres and they’re wearing well, without any sign of ‘heel and toe’ wear on the tread blocks.

“They’re quiet and grip well on all surfaces.

“They haven’t looked like scoring a puncture and there are no sings of cutting, chipping or irregular wear.

“I love ‘em.”

Phil’s comments echoed what many owners have said, with the exception of a few who have experienced tread wear issues with some sizes that have been reportedly made in China.

Phil’s DuraTracs were 265/70R17 light truck types, with a load and speed rating of 121/118Q. They were made in Brazil.

The Goodyear website says that DuraTracs feature: ‘TractiveGroove technology that offers enhanced traction in deep mud and snow. The highly angled centre tread blocks help provide traction and lateral stability while also reducing road noise.’

Phil Poulter’s business and training vehicle has been sold to nationwide 4WD training company Getabout, so we’ll keep monitoring the Goodyear tyres as the vehicle adds  klicks over the next few months.