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Converting a tary to a tipper is easy with this bolt-on kit.

The XROADSAUTO Group in the NSW Southern Highlands town of Moss Vale has developed tipper kits to suit tray-back utes and light trucks.

The kits are rated at one-tonne and two-tonne tipping capacities and come complete with a sub-frame that mounts to the vehicle chassis.

Each kit includes an electro-hydraulic pump, fluid reservoir, a one- or two-stage hydraulic ram and hoses.

The units are stand-alone and do not require a transmission power take off (PTO).

The kits are designed to fit under existing steel and aluminium trays, or XRAODSAUTO can supply a suitable tray.

A basic package, using a customer’s steel tray and with a fabricated sub-frame and multi-stage single ram, rated at one tonne capacity, costs from a low $3900.

The same basic package, using a customer’s aluminium tray, is slightly more, at $4400. The additional cost includes gusseting of the tray for strength, so that it doesn’t distort under tipping loads.

XROADSAUTO can supply kits for DIY fitment, or the company has a fitting service at its Moss Vale factory.

The XROADSAUTO demo model is a two-tonnes capacity tipper kit, fitted to a highly modified Nissan Patrol. The bodywork is custom-built with stainless steel drop sides, mud guards, water tank, battery box, dual-fuel tank and tie rails.

The tray is a heavy-duty model with a single-stage single ram rated at two tonnes lifting capacity.

The company says it can fabricate almost anything to most specs and desires from basic to extravagant and everything in between. Talk to Nathan at (02) 4869 4488.



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