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A replacement air cleaner that is said not to void Toyota's warranty.


The Donaldson PowerCore 4×4 Air Cleaner Housing plus Filter Kit for diesel Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series engines is said to deliver quality, reliable filtration, with three times more effective filtration area than the OEM panel filter.

Toyota’s standard air cleaners used to have pressed steel housings, but today’s housings are moulded plastic that is well known to distort with heat and age, letting unfiltered air around the filter element and into the engine. Donaldson has come up with a replacement air cleaner that it says is much better. However, it’s still a plastic housing.

Its PowerCore 4×4 element delivers more than 30-percent lower initial restriction at the same airflows, Donaldson claims, allowing your engine to breathe more easily, while keeping contaminants out. 

Using the ISO5011 test standard, Donaldson PowerCore 4×4 filters also delivered 99.99-percent efficiency, compared with 99.87-percent efficiency for OEM panel filters.

PowerCore media uses a corrugated design to push air through to the adjacent flutes on the clean side; delivering clean air to the engine. Ultra-Web fine fibres have sub-micron diameters and small inter-fibre spaces, which result in more contaminant being captured on the surface of the media, promoting lower restriction and long filter life.



No tools are required for a filter change.

Donaldson’s seal design is said to create a durable, leak-resistant seal, ensuring a reliable, vibration-resistant interface between the air cleaner and the filter.

The mounting brackets have replaceable isolators and are designed to fit the existing mounting location and a standard restriction indicator is provided.

Donaldson claims that fitment of the XLC200K does not void the Toyota warranty, but we’ve asked for more proof of that claim – and we suggest you do that before buying one.

The Donaldson XLC200K is available from Maxiparts, for the handsome price of $1067.




























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