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A cost effective rear axle that can increase GVM and correct wheel track.

This Queensland company produces a heavy duty rear axle upgrade for the 70 Series V8 LandCruiser. The company also produces coil-spring rear end conversions and 6×6 variants. 

The JmacX upgraded housing has an engineer-certified axle load rating of 2700kg, with a claimed built-in safety margin of 300kg.

JmacX’s Heavy Duty Housing has increased axle tube trusses and 6mm brackets with chrome-moly half-shafts and spindles that are claimed to be far stronger than the OE items. However, the standard Toyota hubs, brakes and seals are retained, for ease of spare parts sourcing.

The bolt-in kit comes with extended brake lines and handbrake cable extensions, and the electrically-operated factory diff lock can be fitted. The housing incorporates anti-sway-bar bush mounting brackets.

Unlike the standard Toyota rear axle the JmacX assembly has the same wheel track as the front axle track. (The standard rear axle is up to 100mm narrower in track than the front.) 

Interestingly, after extensive research into all the available axle upgrades for the Toyota, Mark Fawcett of Earthcruiser opted for the JmacX rear axle kit for his 2020 79-Series-based motor-home models.

Pricing for the standard kit, finished in black powder-coat is $5250, plus fitting and the cost of engineering approval for a GVM upgrade. Estimated time for R&R fitment is 5-6 hours.




























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