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Seat comfort and support are vital on long trips and during off-road excursions.

Modern 4WD seats are better than they used to be, but some still leave much to be desired – particularly those fitted to working-class utes and wagons.

fasp 747 Many people are unhappy with the standard seats fitted to utes – us included. We lashed out on a pair of Recaros for own 75 Series, but, while we love their
durability and comfort, the price is beyond many people’s budgets.

For that reason we’ve been checking out alternatives and came up with the FASP 747 replacement seat that has a RRP of around $1200.

OTA Team member Darrell White bought one for the driver’s side of his LandCruiser 79 Series in early 2016 and he retained the standard passenger seat. Darrell and Linda White have been checking out the comfort differences since then.

Those who don’t know anything about FASP won’t find out much from the company’s website, other than that the company’s seats suit many types of leisure and working vehicles, and that FASP has ISO quality accreditation.

If you’ve been to Italy you’ll envy the factory location: not far from the Monza F1 track; close to Modena, Ferrari’s home and very near the beautiful Lake Garda.

The FASP replacement seat for LandCruiser utes is the 747 model that has a high-back design. Options include armrests and an air-pressure-adjustable lumbar pad.

The Queensland distributor, Seats R Us, fitted the replacement driver’s seat in very little time, using locally developed brackets that use the existing seat mounting holes.

Darrell White’s impressions of the seat are that it gives his back and shoulders much better support than the standard perch. Three years down the track – many tracks in fact – and the FASP seat continues to impress him. Linda is much smaller in stature and is happy with the standard seat.



























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