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A modifications certificate can save a great deal of drama and time wasting


In its March 2024 edition of DRIVE Lite – Vehicle Safety Compliance Certificate Scheme (VSCCS) – publication, Transport for NSW urged owners of modified vehicles to carry their modifications certificates in their vehicles.



Drivers of modified vehicles should carry their approval certificates for any vehicle modifications, because there is a risk of receiving a defect notice if a certificate is not produced.

A 4WD that has undergone significant modification will usually require certification.

If a modified vehicle is pulled over by NSW Police, the driver is not legally required to carry or produce a vehicle safety compliance certificate to show a police officer, or other authorised officer.  However, it’s a good idea to have proof of your vehicle’s safety compliance. 

This means that a police officer can confirm all modifications are addressed on the certificate, on the spot and the vehicle owner can resume a trip, without an unnecessary defect notice being issued.

If a modified vehicle was certified prior to the introduction of the VSCCS, in December 2011, an Engineering Certificate issued by participant of the NSW Engineering Certification Scheme is acceptable, provided it addresses the modifications made to the vehicle.

On the subject of vehicle defect notices, Transport for NSW said that a defect notice isn’t a fine, but a driver may be issued a fine for other reasons. 

A defect notice means you are not able to drive the vehicle until it has been inspected by an AUVIS (Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection Scheme) inspector and repaired so it is roadworthy again.

If you receive a minor defect (yellow label) notice you can drive the vehicle for a certain amount of time and to a certain destination, to allow it to be fixed.

A major defect (red label) typically means the vehicle is unsafe to drive and is grounded. The vehicle must be towed to an AUVIS inspection for certificate confirmation, not driven.



























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