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This compact 150-Watt unit packed plenty of distance and spread lighting.

Ultra Vision’s 155 model measured only 465mm in length, but provided ample light for most bush travellers’ needs.


The 155 Nitro Maxx model is one of
a range of LED light bars with six different lengths and outputs. In this photo it’s the second from the bottom.

All the Nitro Maxx light bars have extruded aluminium housings and polycarbonate lenses. The LEDs were arranged in two rows, with the upper ones and some of the lower ones in long-distance reflectors, supplemented by oval spread beam reflectors. In the case of the 155 test light bar there were 21 distance beams and three spreads.

The combination worked extremely well for this 465mm/150-Watt unit that fitted most nudge bars, verifying Ultra Vision’s claim of 650 metres distance and around 60 metres of spread at one lux. A current draw of only 12 amps shoudldn’t stress most alternators.

The Nitro Maxx range was said to meet IP68 ratings for water entry resistance and came with a short lead that was fitted with a Deutsch connector.

Our Nitro Maxx test bar came with two mounting feet and 8mm attachment bolts and lock nuts. Since our test started Ultra Vision has increased that to three feet for the 150-200W models and four feet for the longer 250-300W bars.

The bolts looked a tad underdone in comparison with the larger diameter bolts supplied with most driving lights and bars. However, additional feet and bolts could easily be fitted, if required. Ultra Vision assured us that they’ve had no failures of the mountings, even following kangaroo strikes.

Pricing at the time of our July 2018 test was a little over $500, which is excellent value for money we reckon.




























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