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Large but slim round lights with great distance and medium spread.

Our test pair of Ultra Vision 140 Maxx driving lights were the largest round lights in this company’s range, measuring 235mm across and 240mm high, including the mounting brackets and the side-mounted angle-adjustment screws. 

Unlike many large-diameter lights the Ultra Visions were quite slim, measuring only 110mm front to back.

The housings were black-powder-coated, die-cast aluminium alloy and the brackets were highly polished stainless steel. Lenses were polycarbonate and there were additional polycarbonate lens protectors supplied.

Our test lights had black rims, but optional colour trims were available.

The light housings were said to be waterproof to IP68 standards and were fitted with waterproof Deutsch connectors. Each light housed 19 6V Philips LEDs and current draw was a claimed 8.8 amps.

Colour temperature could be specified at 4000 Kelvin – slightly yellowish – or 6000K, which is typically LED-white.

Our two test lights were both Combo 6000K models, each providing a combination of spread and distance, with claimed output of one lux at around 1.1 kilometres. The Widr beam option we didn’t test had a claimed one lux at one kilometre, but a wider spread throughout.

The 140 Maxx lights were easy to fit and the base bolt allowed horizontal alignment, while twin side screws on each side provided vertical adjustment. The mounted lights didn’t shake on our test track, even when the LandCruiser did!

The Combo beams had noticeable hot spots in the centres that provided good distance and we didn’t doubt the one lux at 1.1-kilometre beam claim. Spread was quite good.

Warranty was five years and pricing was around $650-$740 for each light, putting the Ultra Visions at the medium end of the RRP scale.




























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