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An outstanding performer, at a bargain price.


We were very impressed with the ST4K light bars we’ve tested previously – 32 LED and 52 LED – models, so we had high expectations for the 80-LED model. We mounted it on our 75 Series roof rack and went bush.



These days there’s greatly increased interest in long light bars, because of their ease of fitment to roof racks. Also, modern vehicle fronts and ‘roo bars are lower profile, making legal location of driving lights problematic. 

Another technical reason for fitting a roof-rack-mounted light bar is that many modern 4WDs have adaptive cruise control that uses radar or lidar and some of these sensors cannot tolerate ‘roo bar mounted lights in front of them. Mercedes-Benz’ post-2019 Sprinter cannot even be fitted with a hooped ‘roo bar, let alone driving lights.

It’s possible to fit the ST4K 80 to a ‘roo bar, but some Australian state jurisdictions police the fact that nothing is supposed to decrease driver vision and a light bar on top of a ‘roo bar does intrude into driver vision.

The ST4K bar’s length length of 1061mm (42 inches) and a weight of 5.4kg make it ideal for roof-rack fitment.


Like the smaller ST4K bars the 80-LED has a double row of Osram Oslon LEDs, arranged with the central 56 (two levels of 28) in spot-beam reflectors and the outer 24 (two levels of six at each end of the bar) set in flood-beam reflectors. 

Stedi’s Pure-Drive circuit technology its said to ensure that 97-percent of input power goes to the LEDs and current draw at 13.8 volts is a claimed 18.2 amperes. In the box is a ST4K-specific wiring harness, with Deutsch DTP connector and both bar-end and sliding-foot mounts.

The claimed one-lux beam distance is 936 metres, with a maximum spread width of 110 metres at 100 metres distance and an average of 80-metre-wide spread beam in the 100-170-metre distance band.

Colour temperature is 5700 Kelvin, giving a pure white light.



The ST4K housing is a combination aluminium extrusion body/heatsink, with a cast aluminium face plate, inset with 3mm polycarbonate lens. The metal parts are powder-coated with UV-resistant polyester finish and all fittings and brackets are stainless steel. 

The assembly weighs 5.4kg and, with a Goretex membrane breather, is rated at IP68 standard for dust and water ingress resistance: that’s three-metre water depth tolerance, Stedi claims.

Fitting the Stedi ST4K 80 light bar to our roof rack brackets was easy. We locked the sliding foot mounts into position in the bar slot with the included cap screws and tightened the mounting bolts’ nylock nuts. Vertical adjustment was done with clamp bolts and nylock nuts incorporated into the sliding feet.

The 80 LEDs lit our test course up brilliantly, giving an excellent combination of distance and spread. As can be sen the accompanying video the roof-mounting means there’s some light on the bonnet and aerials that you don’t get from bar-mounted lights, but we didn’t find it a problem.

We’re going to live with it for a while, but we think we like the idea of roof-rack lights.

At a RRP of $379.99, including delivery in Australia, the ST4K 80-LED bar is a stand-out in value for money terms.



























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