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A premium quality black-finish range of driving lights and bars.


Roadvision has launched a premium range of Stealth Series LED bars and driving lights, all in black-finish aluminium housings, with polycarbonate lenses. 



Featuring premium quality Osram LED lights, the Roadvision Stealth Series incorporates high thermal management technology for enhanced performance. 

Roadvision LED driving lights are available in 178mm (7-inch) and 230mm (9-inch) diameters, featuring a bezel-less, ‘halo’ design, with black mounting hardware.

The Roadvision Stealth Series light bars have smoked-look lenses and black mountings.

The Roadvision Stealth Series lights are supported by an industry leading seven-year warranty.

The Roadvision Stealth Slimline S40 is a compact, single row light bar series designed with extended beam penetration and lower short range intensity, suiting them for highway driving.

The Roadvision Stealth 52 Series is a compact single row light bar series designed with high intensity, long and mid-range-spread beam penetration. 

The Roadvision S70 double-row-LED Series has been designed for maximum light intensity and long range beam penetration.

Roadvision Stealth Series light bars are available in single and dual row formats from 178mm (7-inch) to 1320mm (52-inch) in length. 

The S52 and S70 models include an adjustable mounting system that allows multiple height settings, using rubber-cam-isolators. Designed with slots, each slot can be top, centre or bottom mounted, to allow for precise positioning.




Combo test


We borrowed a test pair of Stealth 178mm (seven-inch) driving lights, because this size fits on most ‘roo bars. We supplemented them with a Stealth S52, 40-inch, single-row light bar.

Fitting the Stealth lights was easy, but unusually, there was no wire ‘tail’ with the round lights, to join the fitted wiring and two-pin plug to vehicle wiring, nor was there an Allen key for height adjustment. That didn’t cause us any fitting issues, because we have a pile of plugs in our toolbox, but it was surprising, given the premium quality of these lights and their price, at around $500 for the pair.

The $635 high-output S52 light bar came with appropriately thick wiring that gave a hint to its likely light output.

Mounting all three lights was easy and their attachments proved durable over our rough-road course.

As the accompanying video shows, these Roadvision Stealth lights were brilliant performers. The two seven-inchers alone would be enough for many people’s needs and the S52 light bar gave excellent spread and kilometre-plus distance.




The Roadvision Stealth range is available from BaxtersMTQ, Autobarn, AutoPro, Opposite Lock and independent auto electrical workshops. To find your nearest stockist, visit www.roadvision.com.au.