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Ultima LED technology and novel joining brackets allow flexible fitments.


Narva’s Ultima LED MK2 driving lights set a benchmark and that technology has been employed in the company’s Ultima 8 and Ultima 24 light bars. An optional joiner bracket kit allows multiple bars to be connected and a controller can regulate light intensity.

The new lights are designed to be used as stand-alone auxiliary lighting, or to complement existing driving lights.

The joiner bracket allows a one-metre (40-inch) bar to be created by combining two 200mm (eight-inch) light bars with one 600mm (24-inch), or a 1.2-metre (48-inch) bar by mid-joining two 600m (24-inch) light bars.

Narva said the Ultima LED Light Bars produce brilliant white light (5700°Kelvin) and achieve precise beam control through a combination of precision parabolic optics in highly polished, aluminium metalised reflectors and 9W Osram LEDs that are among the most powerful on the market. 

The Ultima 8 is equipped with 15 high-powered LEDs and a pair of these light bars can deliver a one-lux, 650m-long and 50m-wide hybrid beam, or a 550m-long, ultra-wide flood beam.

The Ultima 24 offers greater performance, with 38 high-powered LEDs,  providing an ultra-wide flood beam capable of lighting 95m wide at 1 lux, 500m ahead, with the long-distance light continuing up to 750m at 1 lux (Ultra-wide flood).

The Long and wide hybrid beam produces 900m at 1 lux with a width of up to 65m at 600m, an ultra-wide flood beam capable of lighting 95m width at 1 lux, out to 750m, with the long distance version delivering up to 900m at 1 lux. 

The Ultima 24 also features Narva’s signature ADR-approved, inbuilt LED front position light pipe.   

Designed, engineered and tested in Australia, each Ultima LED light bar range is constructed from a single piece, pressure die-cast aluminium housing that is sealed to IP68 and IP69K with integrated DT connector, providing dust and water ingress protection. 


Additionally, the light bars have UV-resistant, hard-coated polycarbonate lenses and covers to protect against stone chips and yellowing. Further helping durability are glass-filled nylon brackets that are lighter and stronger than die-cast brackets, and mounting hardware is stainless-steel. 

Narva is so confident in the long-term performance of the new Ultima LED light bar range that it is offering an unprecedented 10-year warranty.


Along with the ability to combine the Ultima LED light bars to suit buyer needs, owners can choose from a variety of finishes and trim colour options to create a look that best suits their vehicles.

The Ultima 24 ‘Satin’ kit comes with a satin-finish bezel, clear lens protector, four colour trims (blue, black, red and yellow), a six-pin DT patch harness and stainless-steel mounting hardware. The Ultima 24 ‘Black’ kit includes Ultima LED light bar with black bezel, black ‘stealth’ lens protector, three colour trims (Slate grey, Electric blue and Hyper green), a six-pin DT patch harness and stainless-steel mounting hardware. 

The respective Ultima 8 kits feature the same basic content but double quantity, because each kit includes two light bars. The wiring harness is also different, with two four-pin DT harnesses, rather than six-pin.

Narva’s Ultima LED light bars and accessories are available nationwide, from leading automotive, four wheel drive and transportation outlets.


Ultima Connect+ Controller 

The optional Ultima Connect+ Controller allows driver to adjust the beam shape and intensity, to suit the environment and driving conditions.

An optional extra across the new Ultima LED Light Bar line-up, the controller offers further lighting adjustment with three preset, customisable driving modes.

For highway driving, the beam can be set for maximum distance with less spread to avoid road-sign flare. On 4WD tracks, distance can be reduced with a focus on maximum spread, while for more open dirt roads, the light can be set to its maximum output.

Ultima Connect+ Controller also allows drivers to alter brightness and provides a boost mode that delivers 15 percent more power for 30 seconds.

This LIN Bus technology acts as a single point of control for all Ultima Connect+ enabled products. 

The controller’s generously sized buttons make it easy to use on bumpy tracks, while multiple mounting options and single wire installation provide easy fitment across a wide range of vehicles.   

These quality-made lights aren’t cheap: Ultima 24-inch light bar, $990; Ultima 8-inch light bar twin pack, $880; 40-inch Joiner kit, $129 and the Narva Connect+ Controller, $199.



Selection and testing


We asked for a mixed package of Ultima bars: a 24-inch long-distance-beam model and a pair of eight-inch flood-beams. Our idea was to set the longer bar up on our 75 Series bullbar and mount the twin eight-inch floods on our roof bar.



We decided on this layout to simulate fitting these lights to a modern vehicle with forward-facing camera and radar, where traditional round driving lights can’t be fitted. A low-mounted 24-inch bar can fit well below the front camera and radar sensor positions.

The aim was to use the longer bar for distance lighting and the twin small lights angled out to illuminate the edges of the road.

A similar effect could be gained by putting the 24-incher upon the roof rack instead of on the bar, but our experience with roof-mounted light testing is that too much brightness up there can give annoying reflection off the vehicle bonnet. The outwardly-angled eight-inchers didn’t give much reflection at all.

The Ultimas were very easy to fit, having quality attachments and large adjusters for vertical alignment.

We reckon the three-light combo we chose would suit most people’s needs. The 24-incher gave quite good distance lighting out to almost a kilometre and the angled floods gave an excellent view of the road edges, where nighttime critters love to sit.

Because each eight-incher had only a single mounting bolt it was very easy to swivel, allowing quick adjustment of the beam angle.

An unexpected bonus was the translucent black-tinted lens protector that came with each light. These covers provided protection when the lights weren’t being used, but allowed the LEDs to shine through, providing enhanced, incremental lighting when high-beam was switched on.

Check out our video that was filmed with the protective covers removed:




























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