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These Ultima LED globes have brighter and larger beams than halogen

We’ve been testing two sets of these Narva Ultima LED globes for two years and we love ‘em, but they’re not ADR-approved, so if you go down that route, make sure your headlights are adjusted carefully.

The Narva Ultima LED replacement globe series is a plug and play range that’s easy to fit to most vehicles.

Exceptions are some projector beam housings with small globe mounting holes that won’t accept the large heat sink that’s part of the LED globe system and some headlight locations that have no space for that heat sink between the back of the housing and engine bay components.

To aid some tight fitments the heat sink can be spun off the back of the globe and reversed, to change its profile.

Where space permits it’s very easy to remove the standard halogen globe and slip in the LED replacement.The external driver for the LED globe has a tail that simply plugs into the standard three-pin headlight supply socket.

Each LED globe draws only two amps in a 12V system, so some vehicle CANBUS electrical systems may register the low current draw as a fault. Narva has a module to correct that.

The attached video shows the white LED light produced by the Narva replacements and both distance and spread are enhanced as well.

The LEDs come with a three-year warranty and globe life is estimated at 30,000 hours, compared with as little as 600 hours from a halogen globe.

Narva has ensured that the beam cutoff mirrors standard lighting, unlike the situation with some LED replacement kits that produce a dazzling effect.

Because they’re not ADRD-approved our LED test globes are fitted to the high-beam circuit only.

Pricing ranges from around $150 to $250 per pair, depending on the type of globe.





























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