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These multi-adjustable lights look to be the goods.

ARB introduced US-brand Nacho driving lights Down Under in mid-2024, offering up to eight, driver-selectable beam choices. ARB won’t lend us lights to test – we’re too truthful maybe – so we asked Nacho in the USA for more details and they were very helpful.


There’s also a wide range of Nacho models, but we think the best for Australian conditions is the Grande Supreme Combo that offers seven different beam distance and width choices.

Here are the very impressive Nacho-tested beam lengths at one lux for different operating modes: 150 Spot High, 1000m;   150 Spot Low, 542m;  150 Spot Outer Six high, 788m;  150 Spot Six Low, 541m;  150 Spot Four High, 629m;  150Spot Four Low, 429M and the Area Light Mode, only 34m, but with 227m beam width, to light up a very wide area.

Mode changes are done using Nacho’s ‘Sorcery Wand’ via an internal control module, letting the driver choose the amount of spot to flood, as well as the intensity of the output. Preferred modes can be programmed for easy toggle selection.

Check out the animation:


The Nacho Grande design incorporates a replaceable polycarbonate exo-skeleton that is designed to channel air through the front of the light and exhaust it out the back, ensuring optimal cooling for enhanced performance. The housing can be removed and painted for that custom touch.

The housings are IP68 Waterproof and Dustproof rated, as well as J575 Vibration rated.

Nacho’s 2-N-1 is a patented mount system that allows conventional surface mounting, via a stainless steel bracket, or direct mounting to a 1.5-inch tube. Nacho uses chrome-plated stainless steel fasteners, to prevent corrosion and galling.

The Grande covers are polycarbonate: an amber Nacho-branded cover and a black ARB-branded cover. Other cover options are Smoke, Clear, Black and Amber.

Nacho’s Lifetime Warranty covers any unlikely manufacturing errors.




























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