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Compact, rectangular lights with middle distance range.

Striker LEDs driving lights were released by LightForce in May 2018. These middle-distance rectangular lights suit small frontal profile vehicles.

For a start, there was no secret technology in these small lights to make them challenge the larger LightForce and competitor lights. They were relatively small and, although they had 15 LEDs in each light, didn’t have a great deal of spread at 500+ metre distance.

LightForce claimed one lux at 754 metres, but the beam was very narrow at its extremity, we found, and not comparable with the illumination you get from more expensive LightForce products.

What we did like about the Striker kit was the complete, labelled wiring harness, plug-and-play adaptors for different high beam switching, a dashboard switch and all the consumables needed to install them.

The Australian-made Striker LEDs had IP68 and IP69k water and dust ingress protection.

Construction was powder-coated aluminium, with polycarbonate lenses and standard spot filter. Modular filters were available and we’d have opted for less distance and more spread.

Each light measured 176mm x 118mm x 77mm deep and the mounting foot could be reversed to suit different locations. Large, 17mm bolts were used for mounting and for vertical adjustment, so shake wasn’t an issue.

Pricing at launch was $599 for a pair, which we thought was expensive for the illumination they gave. you can get a light bar with more output than the Striker pair, for around half that price.

We asked Light Force about the pricing issue and the company pointed out that the Strikers are Australian-made (we assume with imported LEDs) and are sold through specialised outlets that offer advice and fitting if you need that.

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