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Quality light bar with excellent beam penetration.


The Lazer range was relatively new to Australia in mid-2020, but is well known in Europe for its motorsport involvement – particularly on rally vehicles that need powerful lights. The Triple-R 24 1100mm bar we tested proved ideal for roof-rack mounting.

Most European-market lights are poor performers, because anti-dazzle regulations in the EEC are much stricter than Australian regs. Fortunately, Lazer’s involvement in motorsport ensures that the company makes ‘off road only’ products that wouldn’t pass road registration rules over there, but are fine for Australian rural roads and the Outback.

Our evaluation Triple-R 24 was built with a finned aluminium housing, polycarbonate lens and Goretex breather. The assembly came with end and sliding-foot mountings and was rated at IP67 water resistance standards.

Light output came from 24 high-output LEDs that produced a claimed 24,600 lumens, from 270-watt power input and beam intensity of one lux was claimed at 1100 metres. Electronic thermal management and CAE heatsink controlled heat generation.

The LEDs were oriented facing rearwards, into reflectors and this layout is said to reduce scatter and enhance clarity in foggy and dusty conditions.

Our test light came with a wiring harness, switch and instructions.

Lazer used moulded plastic feet for its LED light range and while our early testing didn’t reveal any rough-road issues, we do have some long-term durability concerns. 

On a previous Lazer product test we did have an issue getting a light off our LandCruiser, when a stainless steel nut ‘galled’ on its mounting bolt. The amount of elbow grease necessary to free the nut caused the captive bolt head to deform the moulded plastic recess in the mounting foot. We had to destroy the foot to get a spanner onto the bolt head.

We took no chances with the Triple-R 24 test and lubed the bolt threads with anti-seize before fitting them.

We used the sliding feet to mount the light on our roof-rack brackets and found that attachment quite secure. The light bar didn’t shake any more than the LandCruiser 75 did on our rough-road circuit!

The beam was bright and easily lit over a kilometre ahead of the vehicle. However, we’d like to have seen some more spread and we noted that smaller Triple-R lights had a Reeded Lens system that sacrificed some beam distance for increased spread. We reckon that would be a good option for some bush travellers.

At a RRP of $1590 the Lazer Triple-R 24 light bar wasn’t cheap, but seemed well made, performed well and was backed by a five-year warranty.

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