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Large round driving lights developed principally for the Aussie market.


Lazer High Performance Lighting continues to hit the Australian market with new driving light products. Although best known for its grille-integrated driving lights and slimline light bars, Lazer has developed a driving light pair in the popular 225mm size.



Lazer is export-oriented, so while there’s a limited European market for high-output, large round driving lights, the company has developed the Sentinel pair principally for export markets; notably Australia.

The Sentinel Elite model is a 225mm-diameter (nine-inch) round driving light that houses 32 high-power LEDs. Emitting 15,232 raw lumens, the lamps deliver one-lux at 742-metre beam distance and with 104-metre beam spread. In addition, one-quarter lux performance is available out to twice those distances, where the lights can pick up reflective surfaces.



Complex, ultra-reflective, vacuum-metallised spot and wide optics are incorporated in the reflector design.

Like all Lazer products, the colour temperature is a pleasant 5000K that’s not harshly ‘bluish’. 



There are optional ‘chrome’ and ‘black’ frontal appearances, created by a choice of silver or black printed circuit boards. Our test lights were black-look models.

Both versions have the same polycarbonate lens and die-cast, finned aluminium housing, with a choice of standard or slim, die-cast aluminium mounting brackets. Anodised pre-treatment and automotive grade, powder top-coat are applied, for ultimate corrosion and chemical protection.

Lens covers, stabiliser-bar kit and anti-theft fasteners are available as optional accessories.

As with all Lazer products, the Sentinel lamps have been designed, engineered and manufactured in-house, in the UK. Electronic thermal management system optimises light output to preserve longevity of the LEDs.

The Lazer Sentinel is rated to IP68 watertight standard, with 1.5-metre submersion tolerance for 30 minutes. Each light is supplied with pre-wired male/female, two-pin Superseal connectors. The Lazer Sentinel comes with a five-year warranty.



The Sentinel on test



Our evaluation pair came with the black-look option and were obviously well made. Mounting them and adjusting them on our 75 Series ‘roo bar was very easy. Our rough-road test didn’t set them shaking out of sync with the bar, so the optional top stabiliser bar would be needed only on heavy trucks, we reckon.

On our road test circuit were very impressed by the absolute evenness of the light output, with not a blotch or glare patch in sight. 

Lazer’s claims for spread and distance were obvious and made the Sentinels the most powerful Lazer lights we’ve tested to date. 

Even for long-distance travel in remote country the combined beams gave enough light for most people’s needs. Only those who really need to see non-reflective objects at more than 800-metre distance would need longer distance beams.

The spread coverage was very good, illuminating road and track edges in the critical 300-500-metre distance ahead.

Australian pricing hadn’t been confirmed when we tested the lights, but soon ranged from $1300 per pair.

Check out our video test footage:




























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