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When appearance is important.

Lazer Lamps’ Linear-42 is a very low profile, streamlined light bar that’s designed to integrate with roof racks or to attach to roof rail mounts on the roofs of SUVs and 4x4s.



The undoubted attraction of the Lazer driving light line-up is the fact that they’re all designed to fit with modern vehicle design, in contrast to the sometimes ‘boxy’ look of basic light bars.

The Lazer range is manufactured in the UK, to European-quality compliance standards.

The Linear-42 is an ECE-approved light bar that measures 1132mm in length and houses 42 high density LEDs with a colour temperature of 5000 Kelvin and a total of 15,750 lumens.

Lazer claims a medium-distance beam length of 492 metres at a one-lux rating, which is the limit of European road-legal regulations.



However, offsetting that distance limit is a very wide spread, as this light chart shows well and is obvious in our test video. For medium-speed driving on country roads the Linear 42 offers ample illumination to the front and, importantly, to the animal-resident sides of the road.

Lazer claims virtually no bonnet reflection from the Linear-42 and that’s also what we found.

The company also says that the aerodynamic design, with its sleek housing and absence of sharp edges significantly reduces wind noise during high speed driving. We couldn’t confirm that, because our test mounting was on an existing roof rack.



The polycarbonate lens comes with a lifetime guarantee and is finished with a hard-coat lacquer to protect against any scratches. Automotive grade corrosion resistance and anti-theft stainless steel brackets and fasteners promise longevity that’s backed up by a five-year warranty.

Lazer driving lights aren’t cheap and the Linear-42 ask is over $1200. However, using available, purpose-designed bracketry, a Linear-42 can be mounted directly to a vehicle roof, without the need for roof rails, so that’s a saving.



A roof-mounted driving light solution avoids any chance of having an issue with bumper-bar mounted lights that can interfere with modern-vehicle radar modules.

Also, if appearance is an important motivator, buyers get good value for money.

Check out our test video:



























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