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Low-profile, compact light bar with ample spread - pricey 'though.


The Lazer Linear series is designed specifically for unobtrusive, low-profile installation on bumpers,  ‘roo bars and roof racks. The Linear-18 comes in Standard and Elite power levels and we tested the Elite version.

The Lazer Linear-18 weighs a super-light one-kilogram and measures 532mm (18 inches) in length and only 54-58mm in installed height, making it easy to fit between the posts of a ‘roo bar, along the top of a bumper, or on a roof-rail cross bar.

The housing is aluminium, with a polycarbonate lens and is rated to IP67 standards for water resistance. 

Light output comes from 36 three-watt LEDs that are the some as the ones used on Lazer-equipped World Rally Car championship vehicles. Advanced reflector technology sees a claimed one lux illumination level at 488 metres, with around 80-metre beam spread in the 150-250-metre-distance band. (The Standard version has around 425m distance and 60-metre spread.)

It’s very tricky making a driving light that is approved for on-road use in the EEC, but Lazer has managed that with the Linear-18.

There seems to be a general feeling that lights made in Europe with E-approval are limited on output, but where Lazer requires more than the 215k cd intensity limit on a product, it can add E-Boost to circumvent the restriction.

This compact technology has its price, unfortunately, so the Lazer Linear-18 Elite is priced at a heady $875. Fortunately, anti-theft brackets are included.

We mounted the Linear-18 Elite on the OTA Team HiLux’s ‘roo bar, after fitting the anti-theft end-cap mounts.

The attachment screws for the mounting feet are upside down, with the screw heads between the top of the bar and the underside of the light body, making it impossible for someone to unscrew them. We liked it.

The diminutive size of the Linear-18 Elite belied a light output that was most impressive, in medium-distance and spread. Light quality was even and not overly road-sign-reflective, so people who have installation-space limitations may be able to justify the high price.

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